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 I have developed a rash and it itches. What is it?
It looks like tiny red spots or tiny blisters. Its on my arms across my back and on my face (on the nose and by the corners of my mouth, on my lips and leading across my chin). although it doesn'...

 Red dots in the strangest places? Anyone else?
This is almost too weird to mention, but in the past few months I have noticed these tiny red dots appearing on my chest and stomach and I have one under my left eyelid? They are flat and once they ...

 How do you get rid of a HUGE hickey?

 Why do your lips burn when you eat something hot?
I understand why your tongue burns. But why your lips?
Additional Details
I'm talking about "hot" as in spicy, OBVIOUSLY. So don't get smart....

 Strange rash?
About 5 days ago I noticed what I thought was a breakout of acne on my thigh/hip area (which is not unusual for me). However since then it has turned into what is more like a rash, which is now on ...

 Will antibiotics releive acne?

 What can I do about my underarm rash?
Well I just switched anti-perspirant brands about 2.5 weeks ago. I was originally using Speed Stick for 3 years but I decided I would give another brand a try because it wasnt working that well ...

 Apart from the usual creams and sprays is there anything we can use to ward of mosquitos?

 I have a lump under my armpit the size of a grape. I dont have medical insurance, what should i do?
I was told rubbing with alcohol may help. any suggestions?...

basically.. i've been stuck with acne.. or at least i think it's acne.. not sure anymore.. for more than 3 months.. it was fine before the new year.. and i've used a lot of products ...

 Best way to handle a belly earring ripped from the navel?
A friend of mine was at a party on a beach. She was walking around and turned down some drunk guy that was talking with her. He got upset, called her a bunch of words including "stuck up" ...

 Help! My hands..!?
Everytime im in motion for a long time.. like dancing or power walking, my hands swell up x3 and get very red!
Why is this???
Additional Details
ugh.. isn't this what the "...

 How do I keep my face clear?
I am 15 years old and even though I use Differin®, I still am having trouble keeping my face clear. I've tried many products out there but those only do some of the work. Next I'm suppose ...

 How do I sort my skin out (PICS...kinda gross!!)...?
Really red skin between my eyebrows -
Really hurty spot on hairline -

 Rough and Bumpy skin on triceps?
On the back of both my arms (triceps) there is like a patch of rough sandpaper-y skin. Its the same color as my skin still but its just rough and sort of goosebump-y. It doesn't hurt at all, but ...

 Omg i REALLY need help!?
OKay so on my legs i always have little red dots on them especially on my thighs and they kinda look like small zits. Its aparently just a reaction of when i shave and stuff so i baught the cream and ...

 What are the dots on my arms?
does anyone else get this? it's like on the back of my arm, between my elbow and shoulder. it's not all over, but there's some there. and i can c it as well as feel it.they're ...

 Does nits eggs look like dandruff?
I found a nit on my daughters head i think i have killed all of them but there are white things are these eggs or egg shells or dandruff
Additional Details
ooops its only dandruff and i ...

 I have awful acne. What is the best acne product or method of clearing it up?

 What is the best scar treatment
I have very bad facial scars and indentations what is the best make up for ...

How long does body lotion keep? How do I know when to toss it?

Toss it when the lotion on the inside rim of the container gets crispy. That's my method of judging the freshness!

two years....i heard it on queer guy for the strigt guy

Evelyn S
did u no that if u put a-lot of lotion on ur died skin cells come off

Well i would start out by looking for a date on the bottle, if you don't find one then do the next best thing... if you don't remember when you bought it and it is getting a little crusty throw it out.... there are plenty more bottles of lotion out there waiting for you to buy them.

This is one of those things that ya just know! Trust me if you have any doubts....toss it. It's common sense really.

Six months and it begins to separate into its component parts. After a year, using it may give you clogged pores, a rash or worse!

sorry don't no?good ? though.

It depends on the brand, but after awhile it will break down and become watery. It is then past its prime.

when the oil starts separating
about 6 months to a year (depending on what the age was of the lotion when you bought it)

Elizabeth L
Does is smell okay? Does it have the right texture? If so, it's okay. If not, toss it. Some lotions actually have expiration dates, some don't. Personally, if it doesn't I wouldn't want to be using it anyway, because it's probably all chemicals and petroleum products. P>S> Lanolin is bad, it's made from sheep sweat, mineral oil is bad, it actually DRIES out your skin.

It starts to get thin and smells different than when you bought it.
I always read the ingredients on my body products too.

Couple months.

When it starts to become liquidy and runny.

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