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How do you get the sticky goo off skin left by tape after surgery?

Victoria L
Rubbing alcohol or nail polish may be too severe for your skin after surgery. Baby oil works well, and any citric based oil product. You can check at the pharmacy if you have problems removing the residue. They have little packets that you can rub on the tape and it will come off very easily. Just make sure that no matter what you use - you should not scrub very hard, and wash the product off immediately.

alcohol pad

Dorothy R
For anything sticky, wether it is on clothes, skin or anything else, use peanut butter. The oils in the peanut butter get the sticky out. If you use it on clothes then use dawn dishwashing liquid to get out the peanut butter oil. Works great on gum also.

Common rubbing alcohol will get it off. Just pour it on the tape/glue directly, or on a napkin/paper towel and rub it off

Christy Lynn
Baby oil worked for me

john n
Rubbing alchohol removes the gummy residue quite nicely.

I use nail polish remover - works great!

loofah and exfoliate it off!

aspca volunteer
i dont know if this will work,but try nail polish remover.

Rubbing alcohol will work but be careful not to rub too hard. Also put some aloe vera cream or moisturizer on after you are done because the alcohol will dry your skin out quickly.

If it's really stubborn try holding a warm wet washcloth on the tape residue for about 5 to 10 minutes. The warmth and the moisture will help to break down the glue.

rub with alcohol or nail polish if warm soapy water is not readily available

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