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 Major acne issues?
If someone has acne and even proactive doesnt work how can u get rid of it. like major ...

 Cold sores?
i have two little, white painful blisters on my lip. could these be cold sores?
Additional Details
i've had them all my life but i usually get the itching/tingly feeling but didn�...

 Spots and what my mum says?
i never had spots till recently, and my mum says says that chocolate, coke,and generally sugar etc are what is causing it. is she right?...

 How can I get rid of a cold sore....QUICKLY?
no creams..
& that thing with the nail polish didn't work this time!!!...

 Eczema skin problem!?
I have this eczema skin problem..and it makes my skin look really awful!!!And I love wearing miniskirts but I can't since my skin really looks bad.. and I really wanna look nice..Is there ...

 Weird skin growth/infection?
My boyfriend has had an odd growth on his face for a couple weeks. At first we thought is was a bad pimple...then, we thought, an infection. But after lots of waiting & using antibacterial cream, ...

 What's the best way to get rid of bags and dark rings under you eyes?

 If you are wearing pants and they are not ripped... and you touch poison ivy- will you still get a rash?
Ok.. so I went hiking to day. I was wearing a pair of pants that went completely down to my ankles that were not ripped. If there was poison ivy on the hiking path and it rubbed against my leg, would ...

 Little boy with skin circle rash?
My little boy is just a little over a year now and for about the last two months he had this circle really dry, scaly, patch on his chin, under his mouth. I have been putting lotion on it and ...

 Washing power rash?
I've got a small rash on the front on my body, and my back and wondering if it could be washing power? what type of washing powder would be better to my skin to prevent the rash?


 Clear Skin?
So, i have bumps on my forhead and on my chin and i would really like to get clearer skin? any suggestions? How fast can i get clearer skin?...

 How do you get rid of acne?
like what is the BEST waii?? fast too. like easy also. and it will work soon. and i mean WORK.

please and thank you <3...

 Sunburned badly...I really need help.?
Hey there, im 15. A few days ago, I got sunburned badly. (mostly on my neck, chest and shoulders) The pain was horrible. I couldn't sleep at night. I bought some solarcaine spray with aloe to ...

 I have really dry skin on my legs, I tried many name brand lotions is there another option?
I've tried cocobutter, Jergens, Nivea and other brands i cant find anything that will keep my skin moisturized....

 Eww!!! What are these?! They're some sort of skin allergy/rash?
I'm 16 and I would get these tiny red dots all over my leg (and just my leg) every month. It's horrible! It's always unbearably itchy which makes it worse. Sometimes they get inflamed ...

 I have a sightly red eyelid that is sore?

 Swollen under the arm?
it was just a tiny whole, i have it for years I just squeeze out dirts once in a while but the other day I guess i squeeze it to hard, it bleed a little bit, its red, swollen, smells, fuzz just came ...

How do you get rid of red bugs if they are in your hair? wouldent clorox or bleach fry your hair?
i know its not lice because ive seen the bugs and i wash my hair everyday but they wont go away!
Additional Details
i know its not lice! ive had lice before and then are a white color. these are red! they only way they wold be lice is if someone fornd a new species! ITS NOT LICE!

†•°¤*(¯`°иεω dαч иεw sмιlε°´¯)*¤
scuse me i don't speak english becose i'm italian kiss ^^ ...........................

karl g
No Doubt GO TO DOC

eehh that's gross

Go to the doctor and get some specialised shampoo, head buggies like clean hair because they can move about easier in it, so thats probably why they dont go away when you wash your hair

See a doctor.

It sounds like crabs. You should see if you have, if you have red bugs under your armpit or down below. They like warm places. That is the only thing I can think of. Good luck. Hang in there. If that is not it then I would go see a doctor

report me please
They ARE lice. They are red because they have been feeding on the blood from your scalp. Get some kick-*** headlice treatment straight away. And quarantine yourself until you have completed the treatment.

Perhaps you could try a lice treatment anyway. If nothing gets rid then maybe ask a hairdresser or doctor.

It is headlice. You need to go to your pharmacy and buy headlice lotion or shampoo to eradicate them. Then go through your hair with a special nit comb to remove the eggs.

Edit- lice are not white, the eggs are!!!

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