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How do you get rid of hickies!!!?
plzzzz help!!!!

miss understand
dont get kissed on the neck in the first place

conceal it with concealer

lady 03r
thats not true... you could get rid of them try the spoon thing or do what i do.. if u use make up try the end of a wood eyeliner... some wood eyeliners are round from the bottom and those work... try rubbing the bottom of the eyeliner on the hickies... rub it but not so hard... then it will get worse... try the same thing with a penny

good luck
remember make shure its round from the bottom not flat and dont rub to hard

♥ღL0V3 M3 F0R3V3Rღ♥
It will go away eventually!

its goes away, about a week.

put a spoon in the freezer and then when its very cold put it where the hickie is and press like to dissolve the blood that is clogged because a hickie that all it is.... is blood that is clogged in one place thats why its purple.

Trust me I have done that to alot of my friends jajajaja

mommy of a 3 year old
i have heard if you take a round lip stick lid i twisted it on the hickeys they well fade or rub tooth paste on it and tap it with a spoon or take a penny and rub it in them kinda hard i am not real sure if these things work or not but i have heard they did it won't hurt to try good luck

omg, brings back memories, lol! Way back when I was a teenager, a friend told me to scrape the hickie with a comb. I tried it and my skin turned really red, of course, but after the redness went away, so did my hickie! But I wouldn't recommend this because I told my younger brother to "use a comb" after he came home with a whopper of a hickie on his neck....well, he tried it also.....but he wound up getting a horrible infected scab where the hickie was and had to go to school and work like that. Even after it healed, he kept a scar there! He never let me live that advice down. But I think maybe his comb was dirty and he just plain scraped it way too hard and it broke the skin. Use a CLEAN comb and rub it GENTLY on the "hickal area", lol!

If you catch the hickey soon enough, your can minimize the mark by immediately applying ice.

Surface stimulation will help disperse the blood. Gently rub and massage the area.

Using a comb or a hairbrush to massage the area works better than fingers and hands.

Using any tubular object with a domed end, apply steady pressure over the hickey and twist. It will hurt, but it will help. Lipstick caps, pen caps, and blistex caps work. The goal is to work the blood deeper into the skin.

Make the hickey worse - if you use a curling iron, have your ‘friend’ reshape the hickey to match the pattern that it would make if you had burned yourself accidentally. This can work with any likely burn or bruise scenario. Do not burn yourself! Reshape the hickey with more suction.

Utilize turtleneck sweaters, scarves, or makeup to cover it up.

Rub vitamin K into the area.

Apply a warm, moist, used tea-bag as a hot compress. Repeatedly re-wet and re-warm it as needed until the hickey disappears.

The bitter wife
You can't you can only cover them up till they go away. Like w/ clothing or make up.

get a cap from your lipstick and then use it to twist the skin on where the hickie is...it works believe me...its going to leave your skin a little red, but then it will go away like in 5-10 minutes

Until they disappear on their own, try make up in a little darker shade on the hickeys and then blend with your regular make up on top, hope this helps. oh yeah, a good concealer will help too.

Turtle Neck.... lol

Rub it with a dime
Tooth brush (with or without paste idk?)

Hickeys are so trashy though, I left my last loser because he wouldn't stop giving me them even after I told him to knock it the **** off. Ugh I hate hickeys! unless they're in private places and not big and dark.

That so called EMT, is wrong, I had to get rid of them before, some of those things really DO work, they may not take it all away, but they will make it WAY smaller and WAY lighter. then just cover it up with concealer.

elizabeth d
there's so many theries, but it is a hard thing to get rid of. try putting toothpaste on it overnight while ur sleeping. it has worked for me once, but then another time it didn't :/
it is hard though. they usually last 2-4 days depending how bad they are.

i heard rubbing tooth on them works

leaches or time!

you dont. try foundation or toothpaste i hear that mite work. tell ya bloke to stay away from your neck.

Grant M
Make up!!!!

gf says frozen spoon or ice under a towel, i say turn ur head faster or farther away

Only time gets rid of hickeys. You live and learn.

You don't ... They go away on their own just like bruises. If you have to cover them up use make-up.

arnica gel, but it'll work only when they're fresh. Otherwise cover it with make-up and hope no one notices

You can't; put concealer on them until they fade away.

kangaroo girl
two words: turtle neck.

Live for two weeks and it will magically disapear.

Fran J
put a raw steak on it

Jamie Lee
TIME. And covering it up with makeup.

Ice, toothpaste, combing it (makes it bigger!) doesn't work. A hickey is the same thing as a bruise, just acquired differently. You will just have to wait it out, wear your hair down, makeup, but mainly, avoid getting hickies in the first place.

As they're basically a bruise you just have to wait for them to go, it shouldn't take too long. Some herbal remedies help bruising but I think they are usually preventative rather than cures.

just get rid of your boyfriend.

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