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Black Beauty
How do I stop my scalp from itching? it itches all the time?
My head itches so much. I thought it might be my allergies, but now and then, I get little bumps. My itching..into the late hours in th night...is annoying my boyfriend. I have tried everything. Please help.

Ana D
You probably need to see a dermatologist

oh dear this is so suggestive of scalp lice. Get your boyfriend or someone to check your hair really well with a magnifying glass. It looks like the tiniest dots that walk around, plus their eggs which look like thetiniest eggs attached to the hair shafts. You can get medicine from a drug store. Perming your hair or using bug killer will not get them. You have to have delousing medication. A doctor can order a prescription for it which may be stronger than over-the-counter medicine.

sorcpwns of S33k3r C0unc1l
head and shoulders

Dry scalp itches.

Use any of the following home remedies:

1. Massage freshly grated coconut milk in your scalp.
Leave it for ten minutes then shampoo.

2. Massage lemon/limejuice in your scalp.
Leave three minutes then shampoo.

3. Avoid eating food you are allergic to.

Your scalp is dry. Try "PinK" oil, its a spray, use a condition with moisturizures. or give yourself a hot oil treatment once a week or oil your scalp and wear in a ponytail for a bit

try to stop using any hair products with alchohol in them, or better yet, stop using hair products alltogether for a little while, that should help.

You may be using abrasive shampoos/conditioners/hair cream etc. Try to buy more expensive products to use. When you scratch do not use your nails, use the palm side of your fingers. Have a word with a professional hairdresser. Good luck

Emilie C
You probably have a dry scalp, and for that, it could be as simple as changing your shampoo and conditioner. SunSilk hydro therapy (It's a pink bottle) is actually one brand REALLY good for that. If changing shampoo and conditioner doesn't work, there are various oils you can buy for dry scalps... it is cheaper to try changing those first however. I hope you figure out something that works. Have an awesome day! =)

*Possible causes of scalp itching
>what it feels like
~what you can do about it...

*overly oily scalp/ greasy hair
>itching is somewhat bearable but is annoying. sometimes the itching comes and goes. It will be relieved immediately following washing the hair, but comes back as the day goes on and as the head and scalp get oilier. sometimes causes red bumps and pimples on the scalp. Hair will be greasy/oily near the scalp. itching is all over the head.
~use a shampoo that is formulated to remove hair products or to cleanse the scalp. There are shampoos formulated for oily scalp as well.
some shampoos that I have used (i have this problem myself) are Neutrogena T-gel or anti-residue shampoo, Suave Daily Clarifying shampoo.
stay away from shampoos that are moisturizing because they will not get the oil off your scalp. If you need moisturizing for your hair after the shampoo i recommend a leave in conditioner and applying it on the ends and middle of your hair, not near the scalp.

*simple irritation from hair products
>this is usually an all-over-the-head itching sensation, often at its worst when the hair and scalp is completely dried but does happen with a wet head. Another symptom from this is bumps on the scalp and pimples on the scalp.
~try different hair products, tea tree oil shampoo can help if you just have a sensitive scalp.

*Dandruff/dry scalp. Dandruff can be causes by many things including weather (some people are affected in the winter some in the summer), irritation from hair products, allergies, and physical health problems (thyroid disorders, skin problems, even simple dehydration)
>white flakes come from the scalp (especially while scratching) that may be tiny to large in size, head is itchy all the time, all over but may be soothed by cold or hot water. itching is somewhat bearable but annoying, sometimes it comes and goes.
>dandruff shampoo's can help but if your cause of dandruff/dry scalp is because of a health issue, you will always be using the dandruff shampoo. The best thing to do if you try the dandruff shampoo and it comes back after you stop using it is to see a doctor to rule out health problems.

*allergic reaction to hair products, chemicals such as relaxers, hair color, general beauty products (different from simple irritation from hair products)
> Itching ranges from bearable to painful, is exclusive to where the chemical or product has touched the skin or scalp, but in severe cases can cause total body symptoms including breathing problems. an allergic reaction will happen sometimes as fast as ten minutes after being exposed, but can take as long as a couple days to have an effect.
~pay attention to when you itch in relation to when and which chemical has been applied to your hair. Do not use that chemical or product anymore. A doctor can help figure out exactly what chemical you are allergic to.

*irritation from hairdressing styles (rows, braids, extensions, tight ponytails) having a 'do' that pulls the scalp all the time or does not let the scalp breath well can eventually cause traction alopecia (wich causes the hair to fall out over time but is reversible if caused by a factor such as a hairstyle), beginning symptoms of traction alopecia include itching of the scalp.
>The itching is bearable but annoying and will be exclusive to the areas of the head that are effected by the hairstyle.
~Give your scalp a break by switching your hairstyle to something that does not pull so tightly for the same amount of time that you had the first hairstyle (example if you have cornrows and get them redone so that you have had them for 2 months as your hairstyle, switch to a hairstyle that is more natural for 2 months to give your scalp time to heal and adjust)

~Lice infestation (small bugs that lay eggs on the hairshaft very close to the scalp, the eggs stick like glue, check for tiny white dots near the scalp that are stuck to the hair, the only way you'll be able to get it off is by scraping the hair with your fingernail if it is a lice egg. most common areas of itching with a NEW lice infestation are at the back of the head down by the neck (nape of the neck and above and behind the ears on the side of the head, but once the lice multiply enough they will be all over the head)
>The itching with a lice infestation cannot be ignored and is very hard not to scratch. Unbearable and extremely annoying
~you can pick up a head lice killing shampoo at most drug stores, or get a prescription from a doctor. There are two steps once you get the shampoo, first shampoo as directed and second you need to comb out ALL the eggs, usually the shampoo kit comes with a comb that is fine enough to get the eggs out.
~you can also shave your head, if you have no hair there will be nowhere for the head lice to live :)

Best wishes! hope this helps!

It happened to me and i use anti itch shampoo and it really helps...

Go to the drug store and get a couple botles of Scalpicin, if that stuff does not work, then you may want to go see a Dr. I had the same thing, itchy scalp, bumps and flaky and now it is perfect. I was also told that I was not eating enough fat. hahahahaha... I thought we were supposed to stay away from fat, but our body needs some to lubricate our joints and our skin... go figure..

good luck

It's dryness. There is a medicated shampoo at the grocery store, I believe its Nixoral (there aren't many choices); that did it for me. I think taking vitamin E might help with the dryness, you may even open one of the gel caps and rub it on your scalp. It's just an idea, I'm doing that for my face 'cause my whole friggin' body is dry. Drink alot of water to hydrate your body.

If you straighten your hair you could be allergic to the relaxing solution. If you have extensions and don't keep your scalp clean enough you could be developing scalp dermatitis. An over the counter remedy for scalp itch is scalpicin. Stress can cause scalp itch.


I have the same problem. I have allergies too. But Its a combo. I have very dry skin, I live in a dry climate, and I need to use special shampoo & conditioner. 1. Use hypoallergenic products, these pantene's and junk give me the itchy bumps. 2. Get a good leave in conditioner, if you can find one, I can't put it on my scalp though, but it does help i don't know how. 3. Wash hair every couple days in luke warm water, never hot. Don't wash too much for dryness, or too little so you get itchy dry skin build-up. 4.Hydrate from the inside with lots of fluids. 5. Eat good. 6. Use a humidifier. 7. Very important, leave the conditioner on your head for at least five minutes when your in the shower before rinsing.

i had the same problem for more than a year. i went to my dermatologist and he made me cut out most of the products i used on my hair and body as well as laundry detergents and fabric softeners. finally, i went to an allergist and it turns out it was a food allergy....wheat, to be exact. one slice of bread and i itch for days, especially on the scalp, and i'd get small bumps on my scalp. now, i use the head & shoulders shampoo in the navy blue bottle when i get itchy, and antihistamines to control the response. it has made a huge difference in my life. try benadryl tablets, but it might make you drowsy, so use it cautiously. also, if the itching is accompanied by a fever, it definitely suggests an allergy. good luck.

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