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How do I stop getting bit by Mosquitos?
Ok, heres the story. When I went to Greece I came back absolutely covered in Mosquito bits all over my body. This year I went to Portugal and got even more covered in them, all over my body and my face. Two on my face swelled up and I had to see an emergency doctor for antibiotics and it ruined my holiday.

I am going to Mexico in June and getting married so I dont want to wake up one morning looking like the Elephant Man or covered in spots.

So my question is - is there anything I can take / use to stop them biting me?

Old Wives Tales will also be appreciated as I'll be trying anything and everything.

nicole K
rub bananas all over your body IT WORKS

eat garlic,
not the best aroma on your wedding day though!

Eat Lots of onions

use a mosquito kiler that actually kills them

i would take vitamin B12 and Garlic Tablets. This will make your skin taste sour. Mosquito's won't bite you any more... try it!! It works!!

I had this trouble when I first came to live in China, yet the locals dont get many bites and when they do they are very little spots. Chinese people dont eat much sweet food and I was told to keep away from anything sweet as mosquitos love sweet blood. I found out this worked for me, sure enough when ever I relented and ate chocolate or cake the mosquitos came and tried to eat me. Maybe its worth you trying it. Have a great wedding day

gez p
try not to eat sugary food as they are attracted by this, I dont quite know how, but whenever I go away I stear clear of the sugar and I am normally fine. Tea Tree all is da best so take some with you, other then that use insect repellant

natasha *
You have sweet blood. I went to south America in June last year, and i had huge nasty bites all over my legs. And I went to an Amerindian man (local natives) who said that I had sweet blood and I should drink something called bitters. they are nasty, but they are so good for you!. If you are near somewhere that has a west indian shop, ask if they can get you bitter cup. Soak a few tablespoons of water in it everyday for a minute and then drink it every day.

It will help you loose weight and it will make you less irresistible to mosquito's from the outside in. Bug sprays don't work, they rub off and mosquito's are immune to it.

Also sleep with a mosquito net, tucked under the mattress because they will get in.And don't sleep with it against your skin, because they will poke through it too.

use that smelly Avon Skin So Soft stuff. It isn't the worst smell in the world but I certainly do not like it. It is like a scented baby oil. IT WORKS. It is free of deet. You will smell like it of course, but you will be bug bite free. I use it, my mother-in-law uses it on all of the grandkids at her lake house. We are all very fair skinned and have a horrible time with bites. I think they are more attracted to women than men for some reason!

teddy m
You can only prevent it. Mosquitos like certain type of blood, your blood might be delicious so it attracts a lot of mosquitos where ever you go.
Just use bug spray. And make sure it all natural ingredient.

Use plug in mosquito repellant in your room at all times. Don't leave windows or doors open.

Use Avon Skin So Soft - woodland fresh fragrance - body lotion and dry oil body spray - remember feet and legs. I use this and I no longer get bitten and I used to suffer badly in the Med. Boyfriend forgot to use 1 night in Rhodes last year and he got bitten. OK rest of time.

We play golf and we, and all of our friends, carry this stuff in our golf bags to protect against midgies which are fierce in Scotland. Forestry workers in Scotland also use this stuff. It really works.

Coming from a Caribbean country, I have a lot of experience with mosquitoes. Apart from being a health hazard (malaria, dengue, etc), it can be very annoying. To avoid mosquito bites, it is advised that you use some sort of bug repellent. The best I've used so far is a product called Odomos. It is a bug repellent cream, but the advantages of this product is that it is odourless (as opposed to citronella based products), and it doesn't feel greasy on the skin, like Off. And it works. I put that stuff on and walked through a swarm of mosquitoes with none one single bite. If you can't find Odomos, Off is the best of the rest. Also try and stay away from areas where mosquitoes may be prevalent such as areas near water, tall grass. If you do get bitten try not to scratch it as this will irritate it as well as leave marks on your skin. You can use toothpaste on the bites to sooth them (also makes them heal faster).

Well my husband never gets bit by them and he swears its because he eats a lot of garlic and takes garlic supplements.They have garlic supplements with no taste and no bad breath after ward I promise-I kiss him every day!!

Citrus. Eating oranges and drinking lots of orange juice (or other citrus juices) helps ward away mosquitoes...they don't like the taste or smell. (That's why citrus candles work so well).

Down here in the swamps of Louisiana, many men will take citrus vitamins before going out hunting or fishing.

Take Your Medicine
There are many methods to avoid getting bitten by mosquitos. I live in a mosquito-infested city, so I have a lot of experience with this :-)

In terms of non-pharmacological (no drugs/sprays), there are changes you can make to repel mosquitos. Mosquitos are attracted to dark clothing. WEAR LIGHT-COLORED CLOTHING. Also, mosquitos are attracted to scents, especially fragrances and sweat. Avoid fragrances in deodorants and perfumes. However, wear a good anti-persperant and breathable clothing to avoid sweating!

It is not proven, but mosquitos may also be attracted to the smell of blood. Try not to kill too many mosquitos to expose blood. Brush them off carefully.

It is an "old-wives tale" that potassium in your blood can attract mosquitos. Bananas and various other fruit contain a lot of potassium. Try to avoid consuming high-potassium food products while in the vicinity of mosquitos!

Try to cover up exposed skin if possible too. Loose-fitted clothing is your best option.

In terms of sprays, the most common and most effective products are sprays/lotions that contain DEET. There are concerns on the safety of these products, but the FDA and Health Canada have given the OK for the use of these products and the guidelines tell us that (if we are adults) to use the spray no more than 3 times per day. Sprays that contain around 10% DEET will work for about 2 hours (and will smell less) (ie. Off! Skintastic) and products with around 30% DEET will work for about 6 hours (ie. Muskol).

There are more "natural" sprays available.. and these also work, but they typically do not work for as long (1-3 hours). However some people feel more comfortable with these and they are certainly a viable option.

Good luck and have a safe trip!

Again, I found this site very useful, please check out these articles. Some really good tips...they mention: "...Although nobody can really explain why it should work, taking a relatively high dose of vitamin B1 (500mg a day) can help prevent bites. You may be told this dose is dangerously high but the fact is, this is a non-toxic vitamin, even in much higher amounts."
Also the product they recomend is Neem Oil, & a product called Neemcare Insect Repellent (please see links).
Aso you can type in mosquito in search to see al the results.
Hope this helps, wish you a very happy wedding day!

King Wills III
I heard many years ago, and people have sworn by it, that yeast tablets help. I think you need to start taking them some weeks before you go.

In Scotland, we have a deterrent against the deadly midge. It is an Avon cream called Skin So Soft. It may work against mozzies also.

tony m
use bug spray

Drake Drunken
An ex girlfriend of mine would get bitten all the time by mosquitoes and she used all different kinds of sprays, she even used lemon juice cos she was told this would help, but to no avail she would still get bitten. Whereas i didnt bother with anything and usually had no problems. So i think its just a case that some people attract them more tham others.

lil southern girl
Down here in the mosquito infested deep South, most people swear by Avon Skin-So-Soft lotion, original scent only. PersonaIly, I hate the way it smells, and apparently the mosquitos do too.

try this as it worked for me when i went to Africa .Everyday i made a solution of 1 tablespoon of vanilla essence to 1 cup of water and put this in a spray bottle .I sprayed my whole body with this and no bites ....g8 smell too but mos dont like smell.try this as it wont be too harsh for you and your hubby to be might like the smell.congrat aswell lol!!!!!!

Sleep under a mosquito net. Burn anti-mosquito 'incense' in the room at night.

During the day use spray-on mosquito repellent.

Take anti-histamine (or use anti-histamine creme) if bitten.

If you are particularly sensitive to mossie bites (as it sounds you are), I'd go see your doctor and let them know. There may be something else (stronger antihistamine) that you can be prescribed.

Hope this helps.

Cat burgler
Apart from the obvious (ie spraying with bug spray), is it worth getting netting for around your bed? It's a bit like a four-poster but it keeps the bugs out while you're sleeping (and also could be romantic if you're getting married!).

Alternatively, is it worth speaking to your doctor about other methods or whether your diet is to blame? Only thing is, if you're diabetic, there may not be much they can do (my dad and gran are diabetic and when we all went to Portugal one year, the mozzies had a feeding frenzy).

I can't think of much more advice but I hope this helps. :-)

Use a mosquito repellent, especially when you feel hot, sweaty or when drinking alcohol.

$Sun King$
Firstly, I suggest you get vaccinated against malaria before you go to Mexico.

You can find the answers to your question here:

Sam E
few years ago me and mine went to Alaska and the mosquitoes were terrible. the only thing we found that worked was mosquito repellent that contained DEET

i live in Greece and can identify with you, i dont get bitten anymore but this is what i have heard from a doctor freind people do, some work for some but not others so you may be wise trying a few but from personal experience i allways have a plug in mosquito machine in the room in sleeping in and whenver im out and about i wear any mosqito repelant containing DEET but whaterver you do dont put savalon or germoline on as sweet smelling things do attract them (the same could apply to cosmeics so use in moderation) if you have been bitten use a special mosquito stick (or maybe take an afterbite stick with you, they are available in boots quite cheeply)

the list is as follows

Garlic tables (take one a day for 3 mothns before you go away and continue to take while you are there)

Zinc tables (take one a day for 3 mothns before you go away and continue to take while you are there)

use citronella essential oils in addition to any other repelants

use an aftersun that contains repelant

consider taking a mosquito net to place over you bed when you sleep

whaterver you decide to do make sure you read any instructions & warnings and follow them religiously

hope this helps

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