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p.s comments ...

How do I remove small cyst from back of leg?

Tom A
I had a wart on my knee, so I burned it off with a lit cigarette. It really worked, too. I'd tried many different ways to remove the wart, and then somebody suggested that I try burning it off. It hurt quite a bit, as you might imagine.

I'm not suggesting that you burn the cyst off with a lit cigarette. For one thing, cigarettes cause cancer. But if you had no time to go visit a doctor, like a reasonable person would do, then a cigarette could supply a source of heat that might destroy that cyst.

Go and see a surgeon. Jim M

skin specialist now my skin cancer 10 yrs 0f ops and chemo started with spot on calf more common in women . don't take any chances simple op will remove it completely

go to the doctor

kathy f
you should go to a dematologist to have it removed. A general
overall skin check is good once a year anyway.

Go to doctors!

Your doctor will be able to remove it there and then. Don't try to do it yourself, it can cause infection, it is painful and you wouldn't know if there is something to worry about!

Health Freak
Go to the doctor.

It couldd just be a fatty deposit

I had one, went to the doctor, he told me that I may need an op to remove it.

I did not want an op after hearing things about operations.

I was on a waiting list, then took garlic tablets to get rid of it, 4 times a day.

It then disappeared without the op!!

Mirus Era
Make an appointment with a dermatologist. However, you may find it can take months to get into see the doctor. If that is the case, your family doctor can most likely do the procedure for you.

In either case, it is a little procedure that can be performed in their office... so you don't need to go to an operating room to have it done. They will stitch it up with a couple of stitches, which iwill be removed in 7-10 days.

I have had two moles removed from my back and the scars are very small. I just had a small cyst removed from my back that used the same procedure. Left a little tiny scar.

dances with unicorns
Go to the doctor and let him/her do it, so it can be biopsied, just in case.

get the doctor to check it out hun - best way to avoid infection :)

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