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How can I stop my sunburn from peeling but keep my tan?

Lotion will slow the peeling, and you should still be able to keep your tan depending on how deep of a tan it is. The key to keeping the perfect tan without peeling, is getting a slow tan over a week or so. Keep applying lotion to it. The skin peels because it is layers of dead skin that have lost moisture. If you keep applying lotion, the skin won't peel... unless you get a bad sunburn.

Bubble gum for the Brain
Once you burn and peel the top layer of skin (the epidermis)exfoliates. When your skin is sun burned about 97% of the top layer of skin cells die and peel or flake off.

Once that skin peels off the burn is gone and new skin heals over. You will need to minimize burning to keep the top layer it's brown healthy color.

You could slap yourself down with vitamin E liquid and sleep on a towel with a loose nightie on.........that will help eliminate some but not all peeling........again it depends on the severity of the burn.

Good luck

once you peel you should still have a tan

Use aloe vera gel or lotion. Try to find one that has the highest % of aloe. It may not stop the peeling completely, but it will help.

petroleum jelly rub it in every 3 or 4 hours it works great and you wont lose your tan

Definitely a LOT of water (drink up) and aloe. But, really your skin will peel by nature. We shed dead skin cells all day. Keep your tan by keeping your skin moisturized ( as soon as you get out of the shower)

Raissa W
as far as i know you can not keep your sunburn from peeling, its just the way the skin reacts, but u will still have a tan after the redness is gone and after the skin is peeled off, i recommend not to put any creams on, especially none that have mineral oil in them, because mineral oil keeps your skin from breathing, which it needs the most now that its burned

My kids have found that baby oil works very well. It keeps the skin from drying out. Also a lot of water.

Drink lots of water and keep your skin hydrated...If it burns than put some milk on, it really helps

One word Aloe Vera it is a miracle worker for sun burns it makes it hurt less, it moisturizes your skin and your tan will stay.

* SeñørITA *
use lots of lotion to keep it moisturized.

if its a real bad sunburn, you can't. If its mild, 2 or 3 times a day apply a sunburn aloe gel to keep your skin moisturized and don't take any hot showers for a few days, but by all means take a shower, just cold. This will decrease the chance of peeling.

I don't think that there's an easy way of answering this question. Some people are genetically predispositioned to either tan or get sunburnt.

My advice would be to use aloe vera and lotion on your sunburn. It won't really prevent you from peeling (it happens to everyone), but your skin will be a bit healthier.

mayonnaise!!! the vinegar stops the burn from getting worse, and the oil in it helps prevent drying and peeling.

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