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Kristina C
How can I get rid of head lice when there are sores all over her head. I've tried all the otc shampoos?
I don't know what else to use. The chemicals just burn her head. The doctor says the sores are from her constant scratching.

Vyki S
I know this will probably sting something horrible, but after trying EVERYTHING for my daughters lice, we finally took a friends advice. I covered my daughters hair, drenched it, in isopropyl alcohol and covered her head with a shower cap for an hour. ALL LICE AND EGGS GONE.

we used mayonnaise.We put it all over her head wrapped in a bag and leave on the head for at least an hour and then do it again the next day .it would work just like the oil treatment i"m sure.You can do it again in three days they should be gone.the medicine for lice is very bad for you this will not hurt you

It isn't a good idea to use any of those shampoos on a scalp with open sores. This could precipitate other side effects and allergic reactions.

If your doctor can't offer any advice other than that the sores are from scratching, hopefully you can find a different doctor. He should be able to give you a prescription for treatment shampoo. In the mean-time, this site may be very helpful for you.


Also consider that your child may be getting re-infested from surrounding objects or other children. Hats, brushes, pillows, bedding, etc can all be ways lice are transferred. Lysol in the brown bottle (not the spray kind, but the liquid you add to laundry) should get rid of them.

Unfortunately, the absolute best way to get rid of lice without chemically irritating shampoo is simply to shave the area affected.

ask the doctor for a perscription for a stronger shampoo and tell her to stop scratching.

My 8 yr old niece always pics up head lice. She also has very long hair. I used prell shampoo on her head and it worked. I haven't seen any on her now in a year.

Put your daughter in the bathtub, rub the prell shampoo on her head (dry hair, don't get it wet) let it sit for 10 minutes. Then wash her head. It will make her head burn because she's got sores, but it's safer than the OTC chemicals.

Also, you have to get the nits off her head with a nit remover comb. (RID has a a good one.)

Sara B
Mayonaise! I'm not kidding. Use a lot, make sure all her head and scalp are soaked in it. Wrap it with a towel, have her sit with it on her head for as long as you can but at least an hour. Have her take a shower. Use gentle soap to get the mayo out.

Repeat it every day for 3 days.

My friend did this with her kids. It worked.

when i was a kid i had lice for ages and my mum got my head shaved eventually.. it took ages to grow back but my lice were gone... then a few years later i got them again thsi time i had them for two years... this really works, its painful but it works: vinegar... put vinegar in her hair and cover it in glad wrap or a shower cap... leave it for 30 mins to an hour.. then rinse it out and every night for a week comb her hair with a fine tooth comb... should do the trick it worked for me after two years of nothing.

Tried everything with my kids, smothering them in tea tree and almond oil with a swim cap over it for 24 hours may seem extreme but it's the kind of thing that does work. Combing with conditioner works but you have to do it so much that it can get sore and as you say she has sores anyway I wouldn't recommend it. Tea tree is an antibacterial and antifungal oil so it should help with the sores too. OTC antihistamines could work to stop her itching too much.
Seriously it is a pain in the butt - my daughter even tried frontline on hers but that didn't work

green eyed girl
Don't use the chemical shampoos. Pick out the nits by hand to end the cycle. It will take a long time (I spent 6 hours straight picking them out of my daughter's hair!) but it will be worth it when they are gone! Apparently conditioner and a nit comb work fairly well also, to aid the nit picking!

Make sure you check her hair every day afterwards until you don't find any more nits. Also, make sure you vacuum thoroughly and wash her clothing and bedding in hot water.

I have put my daughters hair up in ponytails with a little hairspray everyday for school since she had them and so far we've not had to deal with them again.

They are a big pain in the butt aren't they!?!

Wash her hair well with an herbal shampoo, then rinse well with vinegar. Works like a charm.

vaseline ,keep it on for for 24hrs

Kristine H
Go to your doctor and ask for a pill called Ivermectin. It is used for lice and scabies that are resistant to commercial products.

shave it all off for now. that will get rid of lice and their eggs, and she'll stop scratching in the mean time. hair grows back really fast after shaving, so she won't need a wig for more than 1-2 weeks

bb jo
Tea tree oil will heal the sores AND gets rid of lice, too. You can find it at WalMart or health food stores. It has a very strong odor, but it's a natural way to take care of both. You can also add about 20 drops to 2 ounces of shampoo for her to use for the next 2-3 weeks to prevent re-infestation. Just make sure you comb carefully with the little comb for lice, and wash in HOT water all blankets, clothes, linens, towels, etc. Good luck.

when my daughter had a case and i had difficulty getting rid of them for good, i poored vegetable oil all over her hair and rubbed in good and then put a shower cap (or plastic bag) over her head tightly and let stay for a couple of hours. i was told that would suffocate them, it seemed to work.

Ouch! Poor you and your poor daughter!!! Try coating her scalp with olive oil to soothe the sores and coat her scalp with a protective layer. The thik oil can also smother the lice to death!

Here is a recipe for our favorite Homemade Head Lice Shampoo

Single Application

2 tablespoons Tea Tree Oil

6 ounces Dawn Dish Liquid(Dawn ONLY)

2 ounces white vinegar

Mix the ingredients in a large squeeze bottle, such as an empty dish soap bottle. Use as regular shampoo, leave in hair for 5 minutes before rinsing. Use hair conditioner to de-tangle hair before combing with a lice-comb.

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