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How can I get my ring to stop giving me a rash?
I got married a few months ago and have started wearing a ring on my left ring finger. However, after a few days of wearing it, I get a slight rash and a few small bumps where the ring contacts my finger. The ring is white gold, but it happens with steel as well. I've worn rings on other fingers and never had this problem. How can I make this stop?

it's an omen~

stop wearing it lol

Looks like you're allergic to marriage!! Hehe!!

okay, you want to hear don't wear it...... of find a metal that you can handle would please your wife.

Sounds like metal allergies, have you tried stainless steel? The only thing I know if you want to keep your ring, is to wrap the underside of it with cotton or some kind of material that will keep your skin from contacting the ring.

Sounds like you're allergic. You may have to see a doctor about this or try a different kind of metal for your ring. My mom is allergic to nickel and can only wear gold.

Ms. CityKitty
maybe you should get another one without the steel

You are probably allergic to the materials in your ring. I am. I have to wear at least 14k white or yellow gold, or i get the same reaction. Lucky me though. hahahah. quit wearing it until the rash goes away. Look for something else. I know that a wedding ring symbolizes your love forever. But if you are going to break out to it, it's better to not wear it, rather than possibly losing your finger...or having your finger swell so much that the ring will have to be cut off anyway. =/

you need to tell your wife that the ring is giving you a rash once you tell her that take the ring out of your finger and go to a doctor to see what in the ring caused your rash when you find out tell your wife and you guys can work on buying a new one.

Going to the doctor is always the best choice

Brutally Honest
The ring may fit more snugly than others you've worn in the past. Also, I'm betting you took those other rings off periodically, where as you're probably leaving your wedding band on all or most of the time.

The best solutions would be to take your ring off when you wash & dry your hands to make sure it's dry underneath. Also, try to make sure chemicals don't get on your hands and if they do, wash your hands as soon as possible after handling them. Also, take your ring off at night when you're home to let the skin breathe. Also, apply hydrocortisone cream at night before going to bed.

If the above suggestions don't work, try talking to your doctor; you may have some sort of skin condition that's being aggrivated by you wearing a ring often.

It is probably 10K
must get 14k

Coat the inside of it with clear fingernail polish. Works every time!

Try clear fingernail polish.

I myself can not wear any gold under 18 ct due to the nickel content in lesser grades being so high. This might be your problem.

If it is not 18 ct try seeing how much it would cost to trade it on upgrade.

I'm allergic to nickel and have something similar. I would make sure the ring is not just plated in gold. If it is, you're probably allergic to whatever is underneath. It might also just be dampness that gets trapped under the ring. Try taking it off just enough to thoroughly dry your finger a few times every day and see if it doesn't clear up some.

Louise S
I have the same problem. There could be something in the ring which is giving you contact dermatitis. Im not sure if you can make this stop,however if u want to go as far is this, you can pain clear nail polish on to all the parts that touch your skin, but as its your wedding ring im not sure you would want to do this. A cream called Fucibet helps clear the dermatitis though.

You may be allergic to the nickel which is an alloy in white gold. Try having the ring rhodium plated. If that doesn't work, try a tungsten or titanium ring.

Try clear nail polish on the ring...happens to me too!!

Put some clear nail polish on the inside of the ring, that might help. It just stops contact between the metal and your skin. You will have to re-apply periodically, but hopefully that works.

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