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Help me with my sunburn!!?
I just got home from a short vacation in san diego, where i acquired the worst sunburn of my life!! my forehead felt like it was on fire the next day and the day after that the skin looked like the top of soup when you haven't stirred it!!! lol!! now today the stinging has stopped, and i have just applied some aloe vera. My forehead looks like a roadmap though!! It is basically all tan with a bunch of paler lines! so i'm just wondering what to do, should i try to peel it all off, or just keep soaking my forehead with aloe vera????? Thanks for the help!!

fill your bathtub with milk and soak in it it really does work hope i helped please pick me as best answer

eww so gross i had that last year in florida only it was under my eyes my mom mad me put olay sencitive skin on it. it stung at first but it made it a lot better later on if that. if that doesn't work then keep trying the aloe but natural aloe frome the plant works the best. hope it helps!

love ya

I know that you've probably heard the aloe vera thing A LOT...believe me...but it really does help if you keep reapplying it. If you store it in the fridge, it can give you more of a relief when you first put it on.

Ice packs (in small amounts of time) and cold cloths or compresses will also help to minimize the length of time that you have redness and should help with the swelling.

Take lukewarm (room temperature) BATHS. Taking showers with too high of a water pressure could increase your pain. Taking a too-cold bath won't help, and will make you freezing. And a too-hot bath runs the risk of burning you even more, or irritating the burn that you already have.

Make sure that you drink PLENTY of water, in order to keep your body hydrated so you don't develop a fever. If you do develop a fever, take an acetaminophen or an ibuprofen to help get rid of the fever and to minimize inflammation and swelling.

If your sunburn is really bad and seems to be very painful, you may want to go see your doctor and get a prescriptive treatment.

keep applying the aloe vera & keep it moisturized. the worst thing u can do is peel the skin off. it will leave an even uglier appearance than the sunburn itself. one type of lotion that helps to heel the peeling skin would be vitamin E intense healing formula.... its found at Wal-mart...

At any pharmacy or wal mart they have this cream i really dont havee a name but it s where the sunscreen is and it say sun burn relief and it will take off fast ive done it i suggest you get it.

you should take some ibuprofen (advil, motrin). take 600 mg every 6-8 hours. this will reduce the inflammation and help it heal faster.

Do not scrub your skin or shave your skin. Use a soft towel and pat your skin dry.

Use a sunburn remedy containing aloe vera.

Use a light moisturizer or a dusting of powder to ease chafing.

Stay out of the sun. If the sunburn is severe or you are blistering, feel faint or nauseous, see a doctor immediately.

DO NOT PEEL IT!! I made that mistake a while back! Just keep putting aloe vera on it.

Don't peel it all off because that could cause scarring. Keep applying aloe vera two or three times a day and soon enough all the burn will peel off and your skin will all be the same color again :) Just be patient.
I hope I helped :) <33


Don't peel it.
Keep putting on aloe vera.
Exfoliate and moisturize before bed.

I have had many bad sunburns and that's what I do.

munchkin ♥
peeling it off is the WORST idea...aloe vera is the best medicine for a sunburn..and i always refrigerate it...the coolness of it on my skin is amazing..and remember, ALWAYS ALWAYS wear SPF..it'll prevent this from ever happening again

put spf 75 on ur face next time to prevent this problem

SElena Gomez Rox My Sox
DONT PEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
It can be very bad for you. Just use aloe vera.

i thought humans could'nt shed? LOL

I'm not sure if this will work but try its better than nothing
Put some mustard oil on leave it on for an hour. It might work.

AHH dont peel it off that can make it scar and stuff and its kinda sick. lol but umm keep packin on the aloe vera it will help trust me i am pale so im always gettin sun burned! You should put it on like twice a day and make sure ur still washing ur face too so u dont break out and so u get the dry skin off :/. Good Luck

eeeek! im glad im black.. lol.

keep it moisturized and gently exfoliate the dead skin in the shower. GENTLY! don't try to scrub the lines off forcefully, you'll just damage your skin even more. and next time, use sunscreen.

dont peel. the skin isnt ready or it would do it on its own.
aloe vera is the best, although im personally allergic to 99% of it. =/

put loads of cream...dont klet it get too dry

Lemon Squeezie :)
uugggh!!!!! i feel for you.

my WHOLE BACK was peeling up once. it itched really bad. it was terrible. Your sunburn must itch, so leave it alone. That way the dead skin will fall off easier(naturally!). It will just be red for a few days but there is nothing you can do about that.

remember, next time, wear spf! lol lesson learned.

Whatever you do, don't peel it off- it will make it worse because the new layer of skin under the burnt one isn't ready yet... it's still too fresh. Just keep putting on the aloe vera and put a cool cloth on your forehead to soothe. Hope you get better soon!

Whatever you do dont peel it! that is the worst thing you can do, it could leave scares if you peel to much. the best thing to do is keep applying aloe vera but heres a trick my mom tought me, keep it cool like in the fridge and the coolness will feel amazin on your burn...oh and next time remember to use a high spf on your face

I just got sunburn to
and its the worst i have gotten so far.

Well my advice is just go with the aloe vera
and that will heal it faster,

ice on sunburn helps me(:

exfoliate and moisturize

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