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 Curing SEVERELY chaped lips!!!!?
my lips are SEVERELY chaped and vasaline and chapsticks don't work. i've even resorted to lotion!!! need help!!!!...

 What is it?
I have a dime sized bump or growth on my inner thigh thats gotten bigger over the past week or so. Its gotten harder also. I thought it was an ingrown hair so I messed with it and all it did was ...

 Besides moisturiser, what is the best natural remedy to combat dry and itchy skin?
Is cod liver oil a good combat agianst this, or are there any other natural non-fuss remedies out there? It's that time of year in Australia - Autumn, dry and windy, and my skin is suffering!...

 What is the name of the insect which drink blood live in bed?
bed ...

 Ouch! my sunburn hurts!?
ok, i have a sunburn, and it really hurts. but i cant use the aloe stuff because it always gives me a reaction. so do u know any home remedies? plz help! it hurts really bad!...

 Weird patches are showing up on my skin. What do I do?
I have been drinking Naked juice all day due to having a bad fever and sore throat.

I'm not sure what would be causing these patches. No bugs in my room that I know of.


 Is cleaning face skin by alkohol, 3 times a week, harmful?
Is cleaning face skin by alkohol,skineruptin, 3 times a week,to avoid harmful?
Additional Details
Is cleaning face skin by alkohol, to avoid skineruption,3 times a week, harmful?...

 Does proactive work ?

 How do i get rid of my warts i have on my hands && fingers?
Ok i'm 12 && i have had these warts on my hands && fingers since i was about 5 && i have tryed many things to get rid of some of these warts. I have many many many on my ...

 What could be causing whole family to have itchy head--it's not lice...?
My kids & I have REALLY itchy heads, but I know it's not lice! With 4 kids I've seen that before. We rinse the shampoo out well & the only thing I can think of is that there are a ...

 How do you get the sticky goo off skin left by tape after surgery?

 This thing on my nose?
alright, so as you guys can guess, this isn't the most flattering thing to talk about. but i have this white...bump on the very first part of the insed of my nose. it's not on the outside, ...

 Reasons of dryness of tounge?

 How to get rid of a sunburn?
I got a really bad sunburn all over my face and arms... How can i get rid of it? Or how can i get rid of at least the pain?...

 How can i get rid of dandruff using home remedies?
Tried shampoos.Nothing worked.Help!...

 What to do with very itchy head?
Hi :-) Now before I get any wuse crack answers I would like to state that I do not have lice or any other type of animal living in my hair, I have already been checked numerous times for that. But ...

 How can i remember to wash my hands everytime after I go to the bathroom? i always forget to wash them?

 What's a good make-up to cover acne?
My daughter is having some trouble getting rid of acne and the marks it leaves behind. What is a good make-up I can buy for her to help make it look less red and smoother?
Additional Details...

 What should I do about a splinter stuck inside my skin?
A tiny piece was sticking out of my pinky, but now it's all the way in. It's been about two weeks and it's painful. Help!...

 I am 32 ,my skin is dull and I have blemishes could anyone give me any suggestions to reduce this...and how ca

Fleas love to eat me!!! What should i do?!?
Fleas are infesting my body-- i never catch them because it happens in my sleep. I don't know where they're coming from! What can help prevent these hideous/ itching bites?? I clean my sheets, i got rid of my carpet, and i shower daily. Is there something fleas are attracted to in my blood? What could be causing this painnn!?
Additional Details
*****I also don't want to go to a doctor because doctors waste my money-- plus u can't go by myself anyways.

Spray yourself with Raid.


see ur doc...change ur matress...spring cleaning...dogs?

try flea propeller

Nasty! Get a bug bomb or a good flea collar.

Buy over-the-counter flea treatments for cats or for cats&dogs.
Take a HOT shower and scrub your scalp with an anti-dandruff shampoo; leave it in awhile. Then put a drop of Advantix or a similar product on your neck.
Use flea powder in your room, on your bed, etc, when you get up; vacuum your bed or change your sheets before you sleep.
Cut up a couple of flea collars and put them in with your clean clothes, under your pillow, and in other places. Put a whole flea collar on your wrists before bed and take off before going out of your room. Carry a piece in each pocket.
Use a cottonball with hydrogen peroxide to clean the bites, then cover them with caladryl, calamine, or honey. If you use honey, cover with a bandaid.
If you itch bad, ask your parents for generic Benadryl--its cheaper than brand name. Look for boxes with names like Wal-dryl or whatever; the active ingredient you want is diphenhydramine. It can make you drowsy. Or you can ask your doctor to prescribe Atarax.

It is not healthy for you to be getten bitten by these fleas. Youve tried so much to get rid of them. Fleas multiply by the hundreds.so un less they are fumigated in all the rooms they are they will remain. Call an exterminator and he should be able to tell you what to do. my neighbor where i used to live called a chemical company and they told him to come get themixture from them. All he needed was a sprayer and good riddance to the fleas When he wore white socks, they would be black from all the fleas jumping on them. good luck witrh this problem. bettyk

Just an old guy is right and you can also eat more garlic (people can smell it) it will ward off any biting insect and as an added plus it keeps the Vampires away.

Fleas are a major pest. There are various species of fleas - cat fleas, dog fleas, rat fleas and rabbit fleas.
You can get rid of them by the safest and cheapest methods like boric acid.

Take Brewer's Yeast every day. You can get it just about anywhere, such as a drug store or Wal Mart. It makes you emit an odor that they don't like. It works quite well for mosquitos as well.

Don't worry, other people can't smell it.

flea eggs and larvae can stay in your carpets, couch cusions, towels and linens, ect. for up to a year! treat pets with frontline YEARLY NO MATTER WHAT. for your house, you'll have to look into some large area treatment. assuming you have pets, since you have fleas, make sure the insecticide is safe for pets

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