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please and thank you <3...

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Ever get a bad rash from wearing a belt?
Whenever I wear certain belts, I get this bad rash on my abdomen, anyone ever hear of this or have any advice?

you are probably allergic to the buckle. if you really like the belt, and aren't willing to part with it yet, you can paint the buckle with clear fingernail polish. this stops the buckle from having "direct" contact with your skin!

good luck

kara w
my little brother has that when he wears a certain belt . it just means that you are allergic to it

Sounds like it could be contact dermatitis.

my cousin used to get rashes on her stomach from certain belts because of the cheap metal they were made of. She started fastening the belt on her side or her back (does that make sense? She turned the belt so the belt buckle was in the back of her jeans or on her side) and now she doesn't get rashes.

It's probably because you're allergic to a type of material in the belt. The rash is called Eczema. Can be cleared up with some hydro cortisone cream.

no rash but i have gotten bruised.

~*Deranged but fun*~
I get that all the time, just put lotion on while wearing the belt or have the belt REALLY lose

Meg B.
You may have an allergy to the nickle or other metal on your belt. If it itches I would use some hydrocortisone cream and if that doesn't help you might want to see your physician (or not wear your belt anymore...).

use hydrocortisone creme and throw out the belt.

the crusader
Maybe they're too tight or maybe they're made of a certain material that you may be allergic to.

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