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Dry skin in the crease at the side of my nose?
I have been bothered with dry flaky skin at the side of my nose for almost 2 weeks now. It is not much, but I just can't seem to shift it for the life of me!! I moisturise twice every day using nivea and have also tried putting vaseline/sudocrem on it at night.

It is not getting any worse, but doesn't seem to be improving either.

I don't want to bother the doctor as it seems very trivial.

Could it be eczema? Or am I just being a hyperchondriac?
Additional Details
Has anyone actually read the question?


Yeah I agree with Julie D - Use vasaline....works like a treat, It could be the weather make it dry.

Dry skin types have to be extremely careful to protect their skin.Yogurt-honey combination helps dry skin. Make an egg pack with a yolk, a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of milk powder. This is beneficial to dry skin types. There are many helpful tips to cure dry skin at http://useinfo-dryskin.blogspot.com/

Try using an exfoliating face wash (like Apris) to remove the dead skin cells, and keep using the vaseline. I'd steer clear of sudocreme asit contains zinc and may actually irritate your face

You are paranoid sweetie it is not eczema. What you need to try first is moisterizing your skin....I have that problem on occasion after using the tanning bed. I suggest going to wal- mart and getting oil of olay sensitive skin facial moisterizer it is like 8.00 vs. clinique that can be in the 30's and it is juat as good wash your face really well and apply the cream in the creases and do it consistently and monitor your results good luck

it could be a fungal infection, i had dry itchy skin around my hairline and on my face my doc gave me some shampoo you can buy it online or in the shops its for dandruff but has the active ingredient ketoconazole in it. its called nizoral. i didnt have dandruff when i went to the docs. but using the shampoo cleared up my dry itchy skin!

Dry skin problems respond well to self-care measures, such as using moisturizers and avoiding long, hot showers and baths. If you have very dry and scaly skin, your doctor may recommend you use an over-the-counter cream that contains lactic acid or lactic acid and urea.

In a more serious skin disease, such as ichthyosis or psoriasis, your doctor may prescribe prescription creams and ointments or other treatments in addition to home care.

Dry skin leads to dermatitis, which causes red, itchy skin. In these cases, treatment may include hydrocortisone-containing lotions. If your skin cracks open, your doctor may prescribe wet dressings with mildly astringent properties to contract your skin and reduce secretions and prevent infection.

I believe http://www.skinsosilky.com/ will help you best for more advices, ideas and best treatments for any skin problem like dry skin.

skippy's mum
Have you changed your soap recently? It could be your skin is sensitive to it & you do tend to get soap suds concentrated in this particular crease on your skin. Failing that try a facial scrub & pay attention to this area at the side of the nose...Body shop do a good one.

julie d
use vasline

Joan H
Did you change your brand of makeup by any chance? Could be an allergy to your makeup.

This is not uncommon, and also there are many skin conditions that can cause this. Seborrheic dermatitis being one of the most common. Moisturisers won't get rid of it only cover it.

It can prove difficult to get rid of. Start with Daktacort cream. Presciption necessary. Your doctor would probably agree to a prescription over the phone if you live in the UK and explain the symptoms.

If that does not clear it, make your GP make an appointment with a dermatologist. So many conditions all have similar looking dry skin symptoms, only a specialist can tell the difference and give correct advice.

I must stress that these conditions can stay around for a long time and are very often infectious on your own skin so can spread. Especially if it is a yeast infection.

Using things like vaseline simply hide the condition in a film of grease. If those who suggest vaseline, and have had to go back to using vaseline again, and then again, they have a condition that needs to be treated but just don't know it. If treated it is unlikely to return

Don't leave it unmedically treated. Take care now

To the person who sometimes has this problem after using a tanning bed, if this has happened more then once, may I politely suggest that you cease using tanning beds immediately. It's non of my business and I am only trying to be helpful with regards to your long term good health. But it's up to you.

You're not a hypochondriac. There's obviously something that is making your skin dry.

Before going to a dermatologist, I'd suggest that you stop using any acne products if you are and switch to a moisturizing cream cleanser. If these things don't make a difference then try a dermatologist.

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