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 Can people die from other people bitting them?

Can people die from other people bitting them?
Please help me. Me and my BF were wrestling and he was like choking me, so I bit him and I broke the skin ...

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 Stop scratching those bug bites??
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 Mosquito bites?
Anybody got any good remedies to stop mosqito bites itching like crazy? I dont like itching them because they can get infected and scar - they are driving me mad though, even though I went to the ...

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I like to maintain my youth & are there any safe natural pills that mainly focuses on the skin?...

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 Sunburn soothers?
does anyone have any good tips for soothing sunburn? natural or other, i fell asleep & now look & feel like a lobster in a ...

 Will rubbing alcohol really help oily skin?
I've heard that rubbing alcohol can help people with oily skin, but I want a second opinion from someone before I go off and do something like that. Is it true?...

 Just to be wondering How do you remove scars from ur body?

 Please help, about my skin?
Whenever I scratch my skin, it will live a mark. When I scartch my friends, their skin will just turn red. What do you think this is and how do you cure it?...

 I am really itchy by my bum hole and its reli imbarresing?!?!?!?! is it infected!!! x?
help cos i dont no and its been going on for ages......plz ...

 What can i do about a purple vein on my forehead?

 I have just squeezed the worst spot in my life....(dont read if screamish)?
I have some spots on my chest and one had some yellow puss in so i squeezed it and it came out at such high pressure it sprayed everywhere and blood sprayed out have i hurt my self is this bad??...

 What causes my skin to itch .?

 How to get rid of dark circle under eyes?
i do have enough sleep.what else could be the cause??...

 Since yesterday evening i have noticed undereye circles on my 4.1/2 years old daughter.?
Please help with some remedies for my kid. I want to prevent it from becoming prominent. I am scared because i too have dark cirlces and finding ways to get rid off and really upset with mine. I don&#...

 Is impetigo contagious?

 Acne problems?
i have horrible acne on my chin, ideas? is it a turnoff? im pretty sure, be honest ...

 What is the bandage wrapped around this guys arm?
Hi in this music vid from foo-fighters what is the bandage wrapped around his arm in the like first 20 seconds? and where do you buy it
Additional Details

 I have a lot of acne & red spots on my face does, can someone help me please?
ok, so i have had acne since i was 14 and now i'm 18 i still have them. i have used proactiv it didn't work for me, i wen't to doctors nothing helped, now i'm using acne complex ...

Does using computer cause acne?

Pat W
Actually it could! Some people can get a "screen dermatitis" sitting in front of a computer screen and this may lead to acne.

Heavens no! Acne is caused by; certain food intake, sometimes the good ol' gene pool, and as always when dirt gets in your pores from not washing enough.

Where ever would you get an idea like that??

♥ Bethany ♥
aha.. no.

No but it does cause you to ask stupid questions

Rebel Hell
no, it doesnt.


Kristy C
Only if you sit in front of it 24/7 eating junk food and fail to wash your face and body every day.

Mommy to Be
was that a real question? if yes then NOOOOOOOOO

no computer has nothing to do with acne.. but if you do overwork then due to stress acne or pimples can result.
information on various skin diseases and skin disorders at
http://www.theskintreatment.com and lots of skin care tips are available here http://www.personal-skin-care.com

Not that I've ever heard, but in some cases ( and I won't name any names here), using a computer apparently DOES cause stupidity.

Michael T
No. Oily skin and clogged pores causes acne.

I guess if you sit for hours with your head resting on your dirty hands, try not touching your face while surfing. hope this helps

Don't listen to these people... yes it does. Acne is caused by evil spirits that are angered by technology that wasn't around during their lifetimes, so they cause everyone who uses a computer to break-out. Here's some info that you can use to exorcise the demons from your computer:


Edit: Pat W - Did you even read your own source? Nowhere in there does it say anything about acne. Besides... everyone knows that acne is caused by evil spirits :P

Above & Beyond
Unless you rub your face all over it every day.

♥doctor jayni♥

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