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Does scratching spread hives?
ive had an allergic reaction to something that i dont even know what it is. but no matter, ive been itchy for 2 days now and the knock off benadryl isnt working. i just just curious if scratching your hives, then touching a different area of your body would spread hives like poison ivy. anyway, any general advice on hives would help as well :(

Dark Goddess
YES!!!! I have hives from some thing I do not even know what it is...it has to do with really cold water when I go swimming, and when I scratch and then scratch some place else it does spread it!!!! Youhave to make sure you really wash your hands, use some hydrcortison cream...hives are a reaction to something that your body has come in contact with that it is trying to rid itself of.....washing your hands is very key!!! Ask a pharmacist what else you can use but I would start with a low does of hydrocortison cream and if that is not working then move up to like 2%..good luck

Yes the more you scratch the worse the rash becomeas

Probably, Chinese Medician can help you.
The Chinese medical products in the form of powder which contained Calcium and something else can help you.
However you should follow instructions.
Less will be no effect, more will be harmful to you health.
Usually, 50% of maximum daily allowance will be subjested (wv).
Usually, don't use it for more than ten days or less.Otherwise, you should consult the chinese docters.

It would spread if your allergic reaction is from poision ivy or some other plant, But you should not scratch as you might give the area an infection. If you have taken the benydryl for two days, go and see your doctor. You may need something stronger like steroids

Scratching hives doesn't necessairly spread them, but it does make them flare up and get even itchier. If you ever have trouble breathing, get hold of an EpiPen. It's this portable shot that opens airways and gets rid of REALLY, REALLY severe hives.
Thing is, if you've had those hives for two days, that ain't too good. If I were you, I'd get to a dermatologist as soon as I could, because things that look like hives don't have to be hives...
I really hope everything clears up soon.

Hi Bottle, My daughter had hives before.Yes if you scratch they will spread. You need to see your doctor,that's the only way you will get rid of the terrible hives.You will scratch yourself to death,if you don't go to the doc.


It would spread and make your condition worse it could be a food allergy.

Yes! What you need to have the doctor prescribe is methaprednisilone. It is a one week pack. Also doc should prescribe Idocaine oitment USP. 5% . It is only available in prescription and it will take the itch away. I am illergic to bug bites and i scratch really bad especially get swollen in the woods so keep the Lidocaine oitment around, make sure it is the oitment and it comes in a tube -35.44g (one and one quarter Oz. tube gel.) USA. If you don't have the money for the doctor ask the doc to call it in and in the mean time, use some calamine lotion or some cortisone cream. However, it won't be as good until you get the real med. Good luck.

yes they spread and if you break the skin you can get infection see pharmacist if you can't afford a doctor

It depends on the cause of the hives.

Your example of poison ivy is a good one. There is a chemical in the ivy that gets on your skin, and that causes the allergic reaction. If you scratch poison ivy, you could spread the chemical around, and that would cause the allergic reaction to spread also.

If the hives are caused by something else (say, something internal or psychosomatic) then they probably wouldn't spread by scratching. But you should still avoid scratching them, because you can damage your skin and leave wounds that could potentially get infected.

I'm sorry your allergy medicine isn't working. Another allergy medicine that you might try is Claritin (or its generic equivalent). You can also see a doctor and get a prescription for something stronger. Traditional remedies like calamine lotion or a bath with oatmeal might help too.

Fiona M
you need to see a docotor before it spreads all over you....b/c if you keep on scratchin thats what is going to happen to you.

suzie D
here below is a web site that has information on the hives there is a t least 4 pages maybe it will help

Itching for 2 days and antihisitmine does not work? see your doctor - it may not be what you think it is -

If the hives are due to candida (yeast) fungus, then yes, you could spread it by scratching.

Check out www.hufa.org - the yeast link - for info on what to do. Basically, short term, anti fungal cream.

Long term, a diet that discourages yeast overgrowth.

ya, it does!!!!!!!

mine never did. i would say "no".

Itching will not make them spread, but it will irritate them. Don't worry, they will spread on their own. You should take an oatmeal bath, and see the dr as soon as possible, they can give you a Benadryl shot. They work great! Make sure someone drives you though, they won't let you drive yourself after the shot (it knocks you out).

Yes. Try to put some Calimine lotion, or some other anti-itch lotion on your hives.

Paige J
yes ....

No, hives don't spread like a regular rash, but scratching them can definitely irritate the ones you have. I only got hives once, and I scratched them because they itched like burning hell and I really should have kept my hands off them. They would have healed faster if I hadn't roughed them up more. I've never had ANYTHING itch so bad, not even chickenpox! And I don't even know what caused them. I've had allergic reactions to lots of things, but I only had actual hives just the one time.

You have to keep things caaaaaalllllmmmm. Yeah, I know, that's hard to do right now. But your reaction to the allergen will only be exacerbated by freaking out. Sooooothe yourself. Keep things clean, but don't use any harsh chemicals (like cleaning supplies or harsh detergents, stuff like that) and put on some steroid cream or some pain-killer ointment. Yeah. Use the pain-killing ointment first. One with a topical anesthetic. That might help.

And if you get worse or this plague doesn't go away, seek help! Don't suffer more than you have to. Sorry to hear about your hives--once was more than enough for me and I don't EVER want them again! They were horrible! Get better soon, OK?

First thing tomorrow call your doctor. You need to be seen by a physician because hives is nothing to play with. The Benadryl should have helped, but since it hasn't and it has been over 2 days then something else needs to be tried.

Hives should not be scratched - no they don't spread because of itching - just makes em more irritated. Put a cold compress on the hives. Hot baths and showers should be avoided because the heat bring the hives our worse. Drink plenty of water. Hives can be in your throat just waiting for you to sneeze and close up your tubes - scary? Hives is nothing to play with if they are large and over a good amount of your body. Cold helps unless you are sensitive to cold - I get hives from cold wind - my eyes swell shut.

Relax, don't scratch, and listen to some nice easy tunes till you can call your doctor.


Hives are a result of an excessive release of histamines into your bloodstream.

This is caused by something you ate (for me, everything but green vegetables).

Taking an antihistamine such as Benedryl will cure this.

Since benedryl is not working for you, try Calritan, or call your MD and ask her for Hismanol.

For immediate and temporary relief, take a cold shower. The cold will shrink your blood vessels (capillaries) thus removing the histamines from your skin surface.

I dont think so...unless whats causing the hives is touching that part of your skin. when I get really overheated they just show up...I have to take Zyrtec and Syngulair (sorry dont remember spelling of it) every day to control it. Works wonderfully! Good luck! I know how annoying hives can be! Best thing to do when I get them is take as cold a shower as I can stand....in combination with real Benadryl!

Why Not!
I get hives from time to time, and yes when I scratch them they seem to spread......

I am a Muppet
Go to a doctor and get checked out. Benadryl should work. It worked for me the one and only time I broke out in hives. To this day I don't know what it was but scratching only made it feel worse. It made me feel hideous it was all over my face too. Just be careful with the benadryl, I remember taking a nap on my lunch break for work because it made me so drowsy and I didn't wake up tilll my shift was over. It should work, just keep using it till it goes away, but for sure go to your doctor. I'm sorry about the torture you are feeling. Wish you the best.

You've got lots of good advice here and I just had to add mine because I suffer from hives-- diagnosed as 'ideopathic urticara'- for months at a time.
The best advice my dermatologist ever gave me: Don't scratch. When you scratch your cells burst and release histamines... you may find yourself swollen. I have had this condition to the point of being disfigured and in the ER being pumped full of steroids.
(don't let anyone prescribe steroids to stop your reaction unless it's life threatening, this could cause a rebound effect)
My advice: Don't drive yourself insane trying to find a cause to your hives. The immune system is a mystery.
Your doctor will help you find the right histamine blocker. All those anti-histamines out there block differently... you have to experiment until one works for you. In my case, it's Allegra-- you could also try Zyrtec or Claritin. (Those are the big three used to combat hives.)
Also, use a cool pack to keep the hotspots from drving you insane. Avoid hot showers, use a bath oil after bathing and PAT dry-- do NOT rub!
Good luck

yes!! so don't scratch and if you scratch they become worst. what you should buy is calming creame it is this lotion that keeps you from scratching you can get it at wal-mart,walgreens,cvs for about $6.00 bucks well good luck!!!

They can become infected.
Have you tried Zyrtec?
I hope that this helps!

It doesn't spread the hives per say. You can flare up an area of unaffected skin by scratching it - it's called the Koebner phenomenon.

Hives will not spread with scratching, because hives are a manifestation of what is happening to you broadly across your whole system. The inflammatory skin lesions of contact dermatitis (things like poison oak) WILL spread, because you're spreading the irritant. I used to get mirror image implants of poison oak above and below the crease in the skin at my elbow!

If you think you've had an allergic reaction and it remains persistant, it could mean that the irritant hasn't been removed. I recommend you seek the attention of a qualified physician directly because this may require prescription medication to control. Allergic reactions can be very dangerous if they are left to get out of control... and that's assuming that you're correct about your problem being allergic in nature!

For people who have the tendency to have strong allergic reactions, there should be perscription medication available at all times in order to avoid a life threatening situation. A product called an "epi-pen" is available which is a automatic self injecting shot of epinephrine. This can absolutely save lives.

Good luck, it sounds miserable.

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