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Does everyone get cold sores, and is it really that bad?
I mean is it really that bad to get them, I just got one two days ago and its still pretty bad, also I feel a bit embarressed to go to school or work, should I be or not

Ol' Sasquatch
Never had one in my some 700+ years.

every one gets cold sores so dont be embarrassed. try abreva to heal it fast. and another solution my fiancee use to get them alot and ur not suppose to kiss some one with a cold sore cause of infection i made him put chap stick on every day at least twice or when they feel chapped it helps to keep them away.

( :
cold sores is just like herpes exept on your mouth ( =

Corporate Mom
they are pretty common, and painful as well. My son used to get them real bad on his face, not on his lips but on his face when he was little, but he doesn't anymore. My husband has never had one in his life, and my nephew gets them all the time. No need to be embarrassed about it. Get abreva, it's expensive but it works. Edit-I just remembered what an old country doctor told me one time, he said it was a virus, but could be prevented by getting enough of some vitamin, I forget exactly which one, but he said eat lots of raisins.

i do not get cold sores

It's a virus you should just get some abreva or something to lessen it. You can get the virus from sharing someones lip gloss/chap stick , or even sharing a drink with someone else who gets them even if they don't have them.

Not to freak you out, but they could also be Oral Herpes and if you are worried about it go to the doctors and get something.

not at all, use some healing skin cream and it will go away

oh yeah!
it is embarrassing, but most people get them. cold sores are actually a viral infection......



these are some sites that will give you an idea of what to use!

paolita | de la duh
they are common especially after you get sick during or even before, they usually go away if you leave them alone for about 2 weeks or so if you add some type of cream they go away quicker and dry up as well.

Ive never had 1 thank god but my sisters and cousins are always getting them!

Cold sores can be a sign of herpes and not everyone gets it

If you haven't kissed anyone with it or anyone who is sick then it is okay there is not problem :D

Some people get really immature about it saying "ew they have herpies!" but its really not that bad. then they get them and get really embarrassed. haha
A good way to get rid of one is to spray perfume on your finger and dab it on as long as it takes. The perfume dries it out.I use that at the first sign and i never get them.

Cold sores are actually a form of herpes. They're contagious, so don't kiss anyone while you've got it. Something like 90% of people get them, so don't feel bad. Get Abreva if you're self-conscious.

NO you should not. The coldsores you get on your face are NOT the STD. It is a different strain, called Herpes Simplex. I really hate when people tell you you have an STD. It's not true.

Did you know that like.. more than half of the population actually has this virus? It does depends on how strong of an immune system you have. People with weaker systems (like myself) get them at times of stress, like during times of depression, pressure from work or relationship issues.. or even sun exposure.

Don't let anyone make you feel bad because you have one. Yes, they are embarrassing, but it is your body telling you that you need to relax or get out of the sun. The people who make fun of you, chances are, carry the virus, too.

Some people get them, some people don't. I just so happen to have one at the moment and it is bugging the crap outta me.. It is kind of embarassing but most people understand what it is and that most of the time you can't help it. Use abreva, eat yougurt, take some Lysine... It should help make it go away and the last two will prevent them if you use them regularly.

hockey mom
I get them and they are embarrassing at first and then you know what, people get them all the time. If someone starts to say something to you tell them that it is a fever blister.

probably about half the population gets them. it's Herpes simplex 1. don't worry about it, but DON'T kiss anyone, even a family member while you're having an outbreak.

my aunt gets them and i always see her kissing her kids, drives me crazy

I've never gotten one so I am pretty lucky but I would say they are that bad because my mom gets them.All she does is b*tch :)

It's a virus, so no not everybody gets them... Myself among them.

They look pretty bad but I dunno, you'd know better than I would how bad it is.

EDIT: they look bad PAINWISE that is.

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