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 I have a lump under my armpit the size of a grape. I dont have medical insurance, what should i do?
I was told rubbing with alcohol may help. any suggestions?...

basically.. i've been stuck with acne.. or at least i think it's acne.. not sure anymore.. for more than 3 months.. it was fine before the new year.. and i've used a lot of products ...

 Best way to handle a belly earring ripped from the navel?
A friend of mine was at a party on a beach. She was walking around and turned down some drunk guy that was talking with her. He got upset, called her a bunch of words including "stuck up" ...

 Help! My hands..!?
Everytime im in motion for a long time.. like dancing or power walking, my hands swell up x3 and get very red!
Why is this???
Additional Details
ugh.. isn't this what the "...

 How do I keep my face clear?
I am 15 years old and even though I use Differin®, I still am having trouble keeping my face clear. I've tried many products out there but those only do some of the work. Next I'm suppose ...

 How do I sort my skin out (PICS...kinda gross!!)...?
Really red skin between my eyebrows -
Really hurty spot on hairline -

 Rough and Bumpy skin on triceps?
On the back of both my arms (triceps) there is like a patch of rough sandpaper-y skin. Its the same color as my skin still but its just rough and sort of goosebump-y. It doesn't hurt at all, but ...

 Omg i REALLY need help!?
OKay so on my legs i always have little red dots on them especially on my thighs and they kinda look like small zits. Its aparently just a reaction of when i shave and stuff so i baught the cream and ...

 What are the dots on my arms?
does anyone else get this? it's like on the back of my arm, between my elbow and shoulder. it's not all over, but there's some there. and i can c it as well as feel it.they're ...

 Does nits eggs look like dandruff?
I found a nit on my daughters head i think i have killed all of them but there are white things are these eggs or egg shells or dandruff
Additional Details
ooops its only dandruff and i ...

 I have awful acne. What is the best acne product or method of clearing it up?

 What is the best scar treatment
I have very bad facial scars and indentations what is the best make up for ...

 How do you get rid of blackheads?
i have them on my nose on the side and i need help!!!!...


 How do You get rid of acne in 2 weeks and keep it gone?
School pics and I sometimes get a couple of zits but Im lucky I dont ave tons. But please give me something that ...

 How to get rid of acne on my back,chest, and upper arms?
i have a couple of pimples on my upper back and a few on my chest. Also i get them on my shoulder/ upper arm. There not to bad to the point whre i cant wear tank tops but still i dont want it to get ...

 Pore Strips ??
Ok I have A couple of blackheads on my nose. Ive heard that putting pore strips on them and peeling off slowly they actually rip them out. Ok i want to buy some and how much you reckon they are gonna ...

 How do I get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
I'm 14 and I've had darkness under my eyes for about a year or longer, I sleep enough, maybe even more then enough :D but I have no clue how to get rid of them, please help..

 My 3 year old son has a lump in his groin. It feels firm to the touch. Any idea what it could be?
It is a little red but does not look like a pimple or ingrown hair. There doesn't appear to be a point of entry from a bite...?...

 Itches then burns?
This is a little embarassing to ask so i decided to ask on here, at first i got a diper rash from sweating and it started to itch and then when i itched it it spread teh itching all around and now it ...

muhammad h
Does cactus help acne?
hey i was just wondering that does cactus help acne and scars when you apply the inside juice on your face.

ive heard of it working but never actually tried... dont use proactiv... it doesnt work... acutane is ur best bet if cactus doesnt work... talk to ur doctor. Also before u apply the cactus wash ur face with really hot water.

No, The Acne CureSheet is a quick, easy and effective acne treatment.Log on to http://tipsfromruby-acne.blogspot.com/ for a few home made tips to heal acne .

polka dotted Mia
No please don't try it I used it and my acne got a whole lot worse. If you have bad acne I recommend you use neutragena's cleanser/mask! I got rid of most of my acne in just a week!

eye like toast!
1 word proactive

Only if the zits are ready to pop - then the cactus needles come in handy.

Pure aloe does not help with acne - in fact it can aggravate it.

We All Miss WalrusGuy

Mary S
...i don't know. What i do want to know; however, is where the hell did you get the idea that it would work?

where are you from

not sure
use proactive?

um...no. cactus is mainly water.

Cactus juice could destroy acne in some ways

Aloe vera gel is particularly helpful when applied to damaged skin. It aids in the healing of first-degree burns, sunburn, minor skin wounds, and even painful shingles by relieving pain and reducing itching. The gel also provides an airproof moisturizing barrier, so that wounds do not dry out. Furthermore, aloe vera's capillary-dilating properties increase blood circulation, speeding the regeneration of skin and relieving mild cases of frostbite. The gel's antiviral effects may promote the healing of warts as well.

Taken internally - Soothes ulcers, heartburn, and other digestive complaints.

my 2¢ worth
Aloe will. Oh yeah, last check aloe was still a cactus.


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