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Praying for Holly Jaselle
Does anyone know what would cause my son's skin to turn yellow?
I noticed the other day that my 1 yr old looks yellow is that cause for concern? does anyone know what causes it?
Additional Details
He eats normal baby food, not too much orange veggies and we go to the pool at least twice a week. That should be enough sun.

He's.... becoming a Simpson!

it may be jaundice.. just set him in the sun for a while every day until u see that his skin color is going back to normal...

Basketball Chick
it might be jaundice but what kind of food has he eaten alot of?
when i was little i turned orange b/c of carrots

It could be jaundice or other related liver conditions. But more than like... are you feeding your son lots of orange, yellow, red foods i.e., carrots, yams, sweet potatoes...? This can turn a toddlers skin slightly yellow as they are not able to excrete all the carotene. Talk to your doctor, but in the mean time do not worry :-)

Sorry, I should say that you tell jaundice by looking at the whites of the eyes. If the eyes look slightly yellow this may be jaundice. But, do not panic, talk to your doctor, jaundice is common in young children.

Liver issues. GO TO THE ER NOW!

It's jaundice. I had it when I was born and my mom had to set me in a window naked so the sun would make my skin normal again...:). I hope I was of some help. Good luck!

Taking Back Sunday Rocker
I would seek help because it can be a problem in his organs or it might just be hes not getting enough sunlight... try going out for at least and hour a day or so to see if that helps and if that doesn't help, make an apointment with your doctor and get him check out

It could just be a mild case of jaundice

Jeremy R
Jaundice. Are the whites of his eyes yellow too? Either way for a 1yr. old to develope jaundice out of nowhere is not a good thing, go to your doc tomorrow.

OoO Shelly OoO
jaundice... you should make a drs appt!! for young children they usually put them under UV light to help it go away

Im not sure on how to spell it but it is called "Jaundice" and it can be bad... It has something to do with his liver and how it is not doing its job... I would take him to the doc as soon as you can! It can be very dangerous!

This is a sign of a liver problem and he should be taken to a doctor ASAP.

Mike G
Jaundice. Get that baby to the doctor IMMEDIATELY!

you need to take him to the ER ASAP!!!!!! like yesterday

31 ford
yellow skin is a classic sign of jaundice

Could it be jaundice? I would take him/her to the doc.

One of my teachers had yellow palms. She had to take medicine for it. I'd go to the doctor if I were you. Better safe than sorry!

There could be the slight possibility of jaundice, which could indicate severe liver problems. Get help from your doctor NOW.

It could be jaundice. Seek help.

Did someone switch him with an Asian kid when you weren't looking?

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