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Does anybody get dry skin in their ears, a sort of flakey dandruff?
If so, how do you treat it? (if you do)
Have you had it long?
Do you know what causes it?

Mr Magoo
dandruff? i dont worry about it!

Gena S
I put lotion in them. It is from shampoo. and just haveing dry skin. You will have to do it here and there. Mine has never went away. but that helps me.

due on dec 31st, party time.kaz
is it just in your ears?i get it too but i have psoriasis so i get it in other areas too have you asked your gp i use a cream called dovonex(callcipoteral)is the medical name,its great stuff clears mine in a day or two,good luck

Lucy Chik
not IN my ears but around them, and moisterise, moisterise, moisterise. guess would be tricky if its in your ears though...

i'v had it for about... 6months?

no idea what causes it

kirsty m

Yeah i went to the doctors and apparently its a kind of ezhma and i got a cream for it! Works my ears are much better!

By the way if it hasnt already, it gets quite irratating after a while and hurts!!

Go doctors :-)

Yeah I started getting this a few months ago and thought it was from hair styling products - I just use E45 every night and morning and it is fine as long as I keep using it

yea i get it, after your shower but some baby oil on a qtip and rub on it just not in you ear. It should work but you might want to change your soap.

I do on the little "tags" of the ear. (not the lobe)

I put a little lotion on them after I get out of the shower. It seems to help alot.

It is a kind of eczema caused from the ears retaining moisture after a bath. It is hard to get rid of and can itch and get sore and be a nuisance. Make sure the ears are dried well inside after showering or swimming and swab GENTLY with alcohol. Then use a couple drops of mineral oil in the ear. This will help.

Yea, I've had it for years. It's dry skin and if you keep scratching it off, you can create an open sore. It's just inside the inner ear. Best way to treat it is with a non alcohol cream. I use Johnson and Johnson baby oil cream, dab just a bit on your small pinky finger and rub the spot, it will take about 3-4 weeks to cure. You'll have to do it for the rest of your life. I've had the problem for 25 years. P.S. Be sure not to use too much cream or you'll get some deeper in your ear and that's not a comfortable feeling. Don't use a cotton swab because you can insert the swab to deep. Just use your pinky finger and a very slight amount of cream.

chris c
My bro has it he went to the chemist and they gave him something for it. My suggestion..go to the chemist. Its easily sorted;)

It could be just soap, taste it and see

This is called seborrheic dermatitis. Your doc can give you a cream to take care of this.

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