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Does antibiotic cream help cure cold sores?
if so how long does it take? thankss[=
Additional Details
i've never had chicken pox, and the sore is already open so i guess using the cream will help keep it clean [=

M Willis
No, but an RX for Acyclovir will help cold sores heal faster. If taken at the first "tingling" sensation, it will even prevent the cold sore from forming. My physician gives me an RX so I can have it filled, and take it as soon as the thingling sensation begins. This makes life so much easier.

In my experience with antibiotic cream, no.
I use carmex or abreva. Carmex, I think is better
at getting rid of cold sores. You can buy it at wal-mart
for a cpl of dollars.....

andrea s
no i don't think that there is anything in it to help dry them up.....carmex works great on them...and its cheap...

none n
No, it will not. Cold sores are caused by a type of herpes virus, therefore rendering it a viral infection (the same type of malady as a common cold - which antibiotics also will not work for.) Antibiotics are used for bacterial infections - like pimples, dental abcesses, pinkeye, and strep throat.
It's not the same type of infection, so those meds designed for bacterica will not work on a virus.
Bugs vs. Cells, basically.

There are specific creams (many brands) now that work on the virus which causes cold sores (the herpes virus). It is not an OTC medication, so you'd have to get a prescription from a doctor. It works - 100% - but is a bit prohibitive in price, but the tube should last a long time because you use it sparingly.

Nikki G
no i think u need speicial stuff for that. idk wat stuff, but i think you do need special stuff.

deanna b
The only thing an antibiotic does for cold sores is to take care of any bacterial infection but the real cause of most cold sores is the Herpes virus which is inside your body floating around until you are under stress then it can cause a sore...the natural immune system you have will take care of the infection unless it isn't working properly...and when you do use an antibiotic that will suppress your immune system too...so it is best to use an immune enhancer like Echanecea to increase your resistance because there is no other cure for the herpes virus...you probably got that virus from having chicken pox as a child...

Marion F
Not really. Cold sores are caused by a herpes virus. There is a special cream out that is for cold sores. It doesn't cure it, but it reduces the length of duration. It is also contagious, so please don't share your glass or kiss someone while you have an active cold sore. And never share your lipstick with someone else. This also goes if you don't have one, but you know someone who has one.

Cold sores are a herpes simplex virus type 1.
Antibiotics work on bacterial infections not on viral infections.

Some cold sores are caused by bacteria in which case an antibiotic cream may help. But many are caused by the herpes virus. Antiviral medications such as Valtrex are needed for herpes.

Dashing Geek
No, antibiotic cream will not help, as cold sores are caused by a virus, not a bacterium. There is a product called Abreva that will help, and your doctor can prescribe Valtrex if you need it.

The virus usually spreads through person-to-person contact. It can also be caught through contact with saliva, bowel movements, urine, or fluid from an infected eye. The blisters carry infection until they heal. You can't cure cold sores.

No. Antibiotics are for bacteria. Cold sores are caused by a virus, usually herpes simplex. Abreva is currently the best over the counter treatment available and can be found at most drugstores and discount stores for anywhere from $12-17 If you have frequent breakouts, a doc can prescribe medication you take everyday that lessens the recurrence. The most important thing is to avoid sun exposure around the lip area. Wear lip balm or lipstick with sunscreen.

No. A cold sore is caused by a virus out break. It will help prevent secondary infections due to the open wound.

Robert R
If you use abreva and actually follow the instructions I find I never have one last more then 4-5 days and its apearence is much better as well.

Gernot S
No - antibiotics don't work against viruses and a cold sore is a viral infection.

It helps an open sore heal, but it doesn't help 'cure' them.. nothing will. The best cold sore cream in the world is Abreva.

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