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Dark Angel
Does Sun Tan Lotion Go Bad?
Do you need to replace your sun tan lotion every year? Does it get less effective if you keep it more than a year?

Jan C
The manufactures tell you it does. However, I continue to use it for the spf factor and find it is O.K.

the spf portion of it decreases.

taja m
ts effectiveness can weaken. Generally, sunscreens have shelf life of approximately two years, and you cannot be sure how long sun screen has been on the store´s shelf. So unless you are planning to use sunscreen for a large group (such as a club), buy only enough to get you through a month or two, and play it safe at the start of a season and discard lotions leftover from the previous year. It might seem expensive, but the long-term benefits of effective protection will make it worth your money.

It should have an expiration date on it. The SPF will be less effective if you go over that expiration date.

Only if led astray by a bad influence

Check the date on your sunscreen..... Should be up-to-date. If it’s expired, the active ingredients may no longer absorb UV light

Sunscreens come with an expiration date. Check the date before you buy it, as some stores don't throw it away when it expires.

Parabens are added to sun tan lotion to keep bacteria and fungus from growing in the lotion and when the UV rays hit the parabens in your skin, it triples the risk of skin cancers.

Find sun tan lotions that are natural, like Jason's sun screen lotion.

Yes it needs replacing every year to be totally reliable

Yes, it can go bad and you will probably be able to tell since it will smell funny. It's good to toss it after 12 months and get a fresh bottle.

Yes you need to replace it about every year.

Laura L
Yes, if it comes out seeming a like it's part watery and part lotion and you have to shake it to make it mix back together, the lotion has seen its better days. You should probably toss it. Also sometimes they will smell a bit funky as well.

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