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Do you have thick calluses on the bottom of your feet?

Yes, I've been barefoot for over ten years and I have a thick layer of skin. But it's a good thing; it's tough and leathery, not rough or cracked at all.

Dave Browning
5 years of Taekwondo on concrete? yeah, still hard as leather.

♥doctor jayni♥
yes, i have them on my sole too!

Yeah, it's just your skin toughening in reaction to your environment. If you walk around barefoot a lot, or on concrete or hot ground, that will give you calluses. Your shoes can cause it as well if they're uncomfortable. If you want to get rid of them, cover your feet in vaseline, put on cotton socks, and put ziploc bags over them before you go to sleep. That traps heat and moisture in. If that doesn't work, try a pumice stone.

YES, and it's because I have been completely Barefoot for almost 27 years now since the age of 16. It is not a problem for me as these thick, tough Calluses are an incredible protective layer at the bottoms of my Bare Feet that allow me to step on sharp gravel, and even pieces of glass without penetrating my Calluses. I am a musician and I find no need for any footwear. I'm proud of the tough Calluses I've developed as a result of going Barefoot extensively


kelly e
I do I get a pedicure too - and I use a sea salt scrub and pumice stone in the shower to help soothe and an herbal foot cream -

Vaseline = petroleum and not a good product for you or your skin it hardens your skin instead of soothing it - (google petroleum) so be sure your creams do not contain mineral oil or baby oil (Distilled petroleum)

You can find foot creams at the drug store or bed bath and beyond after soaking them and using the pumice and salt scrub (use kosher salt lemon juice and olive oil)
in the shower - dry off apply foot cream -

Yes, I go barefoot most of the time.

You can remove them by friction.
Corns & Calluses

I used to until I bought a $3 Swedish foot file found in most any drug store. Works great to remove the dead, hardened skin. Just be sure to use it when skin is dry...like before your shower. Pedicures would be a great follow-up but the pumice doesn't do the trick to remove enough of it. Foot file first. You can wash it in warm soapy water, rinse, dry and use it again and again. Also, make moisturizing your feet part of your daily skin care. Good luck!

I used to have this really bad. I work in an area where I am on my feet for extended periods of time. I tried all of those expensive creams to get rid of dry cracked feet and calluses but didn't work. What did work was after showering put vaseline all over my feet and sleeping with white socks. It isn't the best feeling in the world but you get used to it and yes it does work. Good luck and give it a try.

Zsa*Zsa* Galore
Yes, especially in the summer, when I am barefoot or wearing sandals all the time! A good friend of mine, who works at a spa told me to put a thick paste of Vick's Vapor Rub on them at night at bedtime & then cover with socks or footies. You won't believe how well this works!!!!!!! It helps the worst of the worst!! The only other thing I do is, put a foot file, like Dr. Scholls or whatever your local drugstore carries, in the shower & use it right after you shower everytime. You will be suprised on what a difference both make! Good luck!

I do! It's summer and I walk around in sandals a lot! Plus I lived in the desert for years! They protect your feet. I guess if you want to get rid of them you could get pedicures! They rub them off with pumice stones. OR I used to do gymnastics and when I would get calluses on my hands I would cut them off with a razor...I don't recommend that though!

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