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Mr Myth
Do women like hairs in chest, legs, arms!! ?
;) Do U?

Matthew T

I would much rather see what hair should naturally be there, than a man whos shaved, If you hair is too long you could trim shorter with clippers, I would suggest the biggest guard first then work your way down.

☆Dancing With Myself☆
i hate hairy chests ew! and not too fond of major hair on the legs and arms either but i don't care about those as much

I like body hair on a man, and I'm sick of the models and actors who shave themselves - they look like plastic Ken Dolls.

Depends on the guy.

Kindle Kitten
Oooooh no no, hairy men are not for me. Luckily I've got a man who has NO hair on his chest, or back, and even less hair arms and legs than I've naturally got!


Erica F
Well men always usually have hair on their legs and arms...I don't mind a little hair on the chest...like my bf's is cool...i just hate the gorilla look

Hair on our body or yours? We generally don't mind and even like it sometimes. Some women really do like hairy men (the gorilla look) but it does take all sorts.

I like a little but not a lot.

Mrs. Longworth
Ehh.. I don't like my guys to be too hairy.

I HATE hairy chests, huge turnoff for me. However, I know tons of girls that like the hair. I don't mind the arms and legs as much.

I do- moderate hair that is, I don't want him to look like he's wearing a sweater!!!

Legs-yes. Chest-as long as it's not excessive (gorilla-like). My hubby has a very small amount of soft curly hair on his chest and that's fine but that's about the extent of what's acceptable. Arms-it's okay in moderation. I certainly don't like a hairless man and especially if he removes the hair. I think it's feminine when men are soft.

I thin it depends on the guy, some look great with a hairy chest, but others look like they need to be flea dipped & brushed.
But if you really like the guy, you like him the way he is hair & all. My hubby has a hairy chest & I wouldn't want him any other way. I like running my fingers through his chest hair.

I'm a hairy ****

and i think women are turned off by hair lolll, but i still pull on a drunk nights out lol, dont seem to stay wiv the ladies next morning

agela h
we aren't in love with hair or anything, but a guy who shaves his body hair is really wierd. Do not shave anything but your beard!

Depends: on myself, no. On a guy, absolutely! He wouldn't be very manly without chest hair in my opinion.

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