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 What can i do to remove red acne mark on my face immediately??
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 Has anyone tried PROACTIV? Is it over-hyped or does it really work?
Any opinions, details, or experiences you can share would be greatly appreciated.

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 What causes to get those little vaines in your eyes?
lately i been getting those little vains across my eyeballs can someone tell me the cause.

 If i cut off my lip would i still get cold sores?
on the surface of the skin where the lip used to be?

(jusk in case your wondering im not planning on cutting the thing off!!ah!)...

 What are those black moles on some people faces??? how do they form?
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 How do i get rid of a small wart that I have on my finger?
It has been there for 5 years and it is getting very annoying. It does nto hurt its just i can't stand looking at it much longer....

Do bald people ever have dandruff?

its impossible! i mean, c'mon, you get dandruff when you don't rinse your hair(& dead skin), but u cant wash ur hair if u r bald!

Bald people could get psoriasis I guess - seing as it can be caused by stress which has nothig to do with hair

Yes. Dandruff is nothing more than a dry scalp condition. So hair or no hair - you can have dandruff. People suffering from it tend to slough off more dead skin cells from the pallet than those who do not have the condition. Medicated Coal tar shampoos help control the problem with regular use. Using a skin moistuizer worked into the scalp at night helps to lessen the amount of skin shed the next day, if followed by a cleasning morning shower using a gentle dandruff shampoo and a moistuizing conditioner, (ask yoiur Hairstylist for advice on this. - also avoid hot air blow drying.)

Most people's dandruff problem worsens in the fall & winner when humidity is low, and improves in the spring & summer when humidity levels are higher. Stress can contribute to dandruff levels, as can using cheap shampoos or just bar soap to wash your hair, (hard water is murder on your scalp and skin)..

Dandruff shows up much more on dark colored clothes like black & navy, - so if your nervous about making a good imprression on that interview or first date, and your dandruff has flaired up again - I suggest light colored blends & tweeds that will camoflage the flakes.

Good luck - and remeber dandruff is treatable, and I believe it can be cured, - or at least controlled with careful hair & scalp care. (Plus dandruff shampoos no longer have to smell like medicine).

I'm pulling for you.

i agree with the first person ask brittany

Well, as a cancer patient i've had no hair since August. No dandruff either. I suppose thats because there's nothing growing to collect around, not sure. But no, no dandruff here, lol.

peggie r

i think so -- it's dead skin shedding from the scalp -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dandruff

Lady T.
I wondered the same thing,what a great question.

Why wouldn't they dry scalp is dry scalp.U can get that with or without hair.

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