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Eliza F
Do I have deformed feet if I walk on the inside of my feet?
I walk on the inside of my feet, not like normal people... they walk on the outside... so, do I have deformed feet?

ur pigeon toed and its pretty normal alot of peeps have it ur dont have deformed feet

you're probably bowlegged.
but go check out the foot doctor, because if it starts hurting, there is a chance you might be developing problems.

I doubt you have deforemed feet, how long have u been walking like this? Does it bother you?.... try going to the doctors, it might cause some damage later down the road.. goodluck!

crave knowledge
No, they aren't deformed. That's called flat footed. But it CAN contibute to achy legs. It also doesn't look as good for proper allignment. Try to pull your arches up when you walk and stand. It is a concious effort for a while to train your muscles.
You can also go to a podiatrist (foot doctor). They can give you arch supports to help give support there and help you know where to hold them.


apryl l
its a habit you picked up... if your really worried try walking the other way

uhm i dont think o..
my bro does that his foot doctor gave him some boots or something so ask ur doctor.

EC Works
umm its not to seriouse but you should see a doc to make sure. that could of been corrected when you were smaller

You probably have flat feet. Most people don't walk on the arch, but if you don't have an arch, it is easy to walk on the inside.

Step in a water, then put your foot on concrete, wood or piece of paper. If you can see the outline of your entire foot, they are flat. If your foot is really skinny in the middle, then you have an arch.

well some pplz do it becuz they want to, if u cant help but do it yeah you have deformed feet

No. No one walks perfectly on their feet. Some people over pronate or under pronate. you over pronate like me which means you walk on the inside of your feet. people that under pronate walk on the outer sides of theyr feet. but this shouldnt be noticable unless someone were to pay close attention. if its really noticable and weird looking maybe you should try to train youself to walk differently?

Mally Jayne
No you don't have deformed feet. It is called flat feet, I have the same thing. When you don't have an arch on the inside of your foot. Just make sure you buy shoes that have an arch in them, it helps you from getting back and joint problems.

Maybe the type of shoes you have. I used to do that when I had old shoes that I was wearing.

omg i walk the same way. Well, not completely on the inside but I guess my feet kind of cave inward when I walk and I'm wearing flip flops. I don't think my feet are deformed.

No, plenty of people I know walk that way. However, see a doctor if you are unsure.

No...It all depends on how your foot is formed, as long as it isnt painful or uncomfortable I do not see it being a problem

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