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im a 17 yr old male .... i ve had acne since like i was 14 and now im 17 and they dosent want to go away... :( i have been useng clearasil ultra the 3 step kit and it dosent work any 1 know if my ...

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Ive blue eyes, pale skin, fair hair and IRISH!!

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Use for dry ichy skin?
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after I shower my skin start itching for about 2 to 3 ...

 Small, red dots on back of hand...?
It started about a week ago. The back of my hands had been itching at random times throughout the day, and about 10 minutes after the itching started, I would get red patches that itched on the back ...

 How do you treat an itchy, swollen insect bite?
My son was bit by something this weekend...possibly a spider...his hand has swollen up. I don't know if it's from his scratching it or what. He hasn't had any other symptoms...just a ...

 What is the best way to remove lint from your bellybutton?
and is it medically safe to do so? I haven't removed any lint or anything in years from my bellybutton and its starting to build ...

 Does anyone know why I have dry skin on my eyebrows?
My eyebrows have small red areas that dry up and peel. It is not ichy, and lotion doesn't work. It has been going on for a long time (1 year) and I want to get rid of it; any ideas?...

Dandruff Eating Problem!!!!?
I eat my dandruff!!!!! OMG!!! Like I'll scracth my head then with my teeth, take it off and eat it! I got dandruff shampoo, but it doesn't work AT ALL!!! I dont want to do this anymore. Can someone help me! OMG what should I do? I dont understand what is wrong with me!?! HELP

Popotitozz R
nothing wrong with it, just don't do it in public.

The Masked Kiltman of El Salvado
you are frickin weird

John T
Is it filling? good way to lose weight.


[oh snap!] crackle pop
first of all, just try to get in the habit of not doing it and get some moisturizing stuff so your head isn't dry and if you do start itching your head just smack yourself. eventually you'll get red and your hand will hurt, so it might help ha ha jk don't do that.(the smacking part)

um... eww. uh will power?

no name

If you can't quit eating the dandruff on your own your should seek professional counseling. To avoid the dandruff simply use a moisturizing shampoo, they work much better than head and shoulders.

You eat dandruff... ?

Little Kitty
I almost threw up. Dont scratch your head, dont touch it.

You may have PICA, it's a condition where people are compelled to eat things (including dirt) because their body is craving key minerals.
I don't know exactly what minerals would be in dandruff (which are just dead skin scalp cells) except maybe some salt.

You might try a good quality multi vitamin (capsule only - no tablets) and or adding some natural salts like Realsalt (resalt.com) or pink Himalayan salt to your diet.
Adding sesame seed oil to your diet can also help dandruff as well as applying it to the scalp in rows by using a dropper to saturate it, leave it in for a while and then shampoo later.

Don't worry about the mean comments. It's cop-out to judge people asking for help.

Best of luck!

Morgan F
Eww... Nasty. Don't do that!

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