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 I itch! Why?? It won't go away!?
Okay so this has been going on about a week now. I'm really itchy basically everywhere my boxers cover: upper legs, rear end, privates.

I can't figure out why! I'm wearing ...

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would there be any side effects ?...

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 Has ANYONE EVER heard of a mesquito bite that looks EXACTLY like a hickey??

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how do you get rid of them, prevent them, treat them, cover them..etc...list all your secrets right here!...

 I get cuts on my legs when I shave >.<?
I get dry skin on my legs. Before I shave I shower, use shaving foam for dry skin but it appears that I still get some kind of shaving burn or cut? The razors are new but I still get them. On top of ...

 Red skin blotches that itch?
I am sick and tired of this rash that seems to pop out of nowhere. I am constantly scratching my back my arms my chest my neck. There are these little red dots or pins that pop and feel like pins ...

 My skin is itchy and leaves also an itchy swelling , but could it be bed bugs ..?
I live with my brothers and a few weeks ago, their room was attacked by bed bugs , we sprayed and renewed the beds. Then this week my skin began to itch , leaving itchy large swellings . But I have ...

 Acne Scars?
I am a teenager and of course I want to feel pretty and I want guys to notice me. I have lots of friends but I have never had a boyfriend because I have tons of hideous black acne scars on my face. I ...

 Soap for allergic skin?
any recomendation for a liquid soap o just soap for a VERY ALERGIC SKIN...

 Treatment of Psoriasis?

 Anyone know any home remedies to get rid of blackheads?

 Any ideas for treating acne?
i have acne and i just don't know what to do. I've tried clearasil which dried and kinda burned my skin. i've tried proactive 3step system that caused redness and irratation. i've ...

 How can i get rid of a hickey/passion mark asap???

 What is good to use for getting rid of stretch marks?
I have bad stretch marks due to losing alot of weight I wanna get rid of them permanetly what are some products I can buy from the store?...

 I recenlty found out I have Vitiligo, How can I cover this up?
I have stated to get it in little patches on my feet, and more so on my neck, these two places dont bother me a much as I can cover these areas with little effort, But more embarassingly I have got ...

Can you use bleach to clean cuts?
I had a Dr. suggest to take a Blech Bath to clean infections. I looked it up on Clorox.com and it said it is not for personal usage.

use everclear alcohol or even plain vodka can be used. The burn will go away but the alcohol kills the germs.

Straight bleach will burn your skin. What ever quack told you to do that should go to a real medical school.

Yikes! No I wouldn't recommend using bleach bath to clean your wound....sounds like it's time for you to find a new doctor... hope your wound heals and you find a better... more informed doctor hun...

NO...do not go back to this doctor...

Applying honey and cinnamon powder in equal parts on the affected parts cures
Eczema, Ringworm and all types of skin infections.

Neil L
You shouldn't take a bath in it. You could apply diluted beach to surface cuts to kill bacteria. An infection is treated with antibiotics.

well the doctor that said that is surely stupid!what you should use is either alcohol or peroxide.that cleans any cuts and kills off any harmful bacteria that might give you an infection.

evon stark
you can use bleach if you have nothing else.Heres hoe to measure...1 teaspoon of bleach into 1 quart of water.Its one of the best antiseptics but for wound care must be totally dilute.After cleaning to the wound rinse really well with clean water.Dont get it in your eyes and only use it on the wound.

Change doctors! Nah just kidding, a very diluted bleach solution is sometimes used to clean wounds. If he told you to use bleach and did not give specific instructions, call back and get them. Bleach will burn the skin if not diluted correctly and is not for some body areas ever. Do not put Clorox on human hair, it dissolves it.

No. Cripes a DOCTOR told you to do that? Wrong. Never use bleach on your body for anything. A friend once took a bleach bath because she had poison ivy all over. She had to go to the emergency room after that. She was admitted and had to have some kind of special prescription cream put all over her body 4 times a day. The bleach burned her terribly.

It is not recommended by Clorox because of legal liability.

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