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Can working out cause acne and breakouts?
i started a rigorous workout program and noticed ive been breaking out a lot since. it may bc of the protein im taking with it, im not sure. i got a colonoscopy and everything is fine there, so im not sure why im still breakin out. i also wash off and shower right after sweating too. any ideas? please help

Yeah...dirt in sweat clogs pores. I get them when I ride my bike a lot...

yes yes yes

sweating causes acne. A shower might not be enough. Use an astringent too.

sweat is a great enviorment for acne to grow in, make sure you wash very well with soap and water after every workout! and try using some oil reducer(try noxema) befoee you work out

Maybe you should try wiping the sweet off you with a clean towel while you are working out. Everything else you are doing sounds ok.

Laurie H
Either take Neutrogena On the Spot acne treatment and put some on after you workout (after washing your face) Or put some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and spread it on your face. That has seemed to help me in the past. Make sure to moisturize later and in the morning as well.

Yes. You should put a hot washcloth on your face before you workout to open your pores for about a minute. Then after you are done working out wash your face. Sweating is actually really good for cleaning out your pores from the inside by pushing out the bacteria, but you have to follow this routine for it to work.

Nancy B
Anything can cause a breakout. Sweat, hormones, stress, dietary changes, heat, Try seeing a dermatologist. My daughter goes to see a physician assistant of a dermatologist and has great luck. Her appointment was about 10 minutes long, she was extremely nice and her treatment worked.

No, it does not.

I work out and I have never had acne nor breakouts. I sweat profusely everywhere.

It is due to other factors, not exercise.

You continue to sweat even after you're done working out... for quite a while actually. Shower once right after working out, and again four to six hours after. Wash your face several time with basic bar soap - it'll dry your skin out really well.
Also - make sure you rinse with cold water - it closes the pores, and makes them less susceptible to clogging.

*october girl*
It always cleared mine up, no matter what food or drinks I had, actually. But my hormones aren't always balanced either, so maybe there's something else to it, something that changes when I exercise.

Are you using products that could be causing the breakouts? Some people truly think pimples are only caused by bacteria or dirt, but it's not so. You can have breakouts and eczema due to mild allergic reactions, stress on the skin. If that doesn't help, try to figure out if there's something "hard" about your water, or something in the water treatment that upsets your skin.

Yes, when you sweat alot it can clog your pores. Its best to take a hot shower when your done working out but you can still get acne and possible rashes at times.

Also try to wipe down machines before and after you use them, people can be pretty disgusting and leave a lot of bad stuff behind.

Christopher W
You might be taking too much protien. I had a buddy in the military with me had the same problem. He quit takin' protien but kept working out and it went away.

cassie b
Do you wash your face after exercise? Use a foaming cleanser after exercise to make sure your pores dont get blocked. Thats what my b/f does and he has great skin

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