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Can meth make your skin break out ?

Jim P
Yeah - but make sure you use OxyPlus, not OxyContin to treat it!!!

YESSSSS. It will give you zits up the butt. That stuff is crazy. That's a horrible drug. That's the drug that got me to quit doing drugs forever. I had people in trans ams following me around for hours. One had a shot gun. Of course none of it was true. Hey listen to a guy who grew up in the 60's and 70's for a minute. Yep I'm an old man, but look at the culture I grew up in. Based on drugs. My High School was the number one rated School for having available drugs in the state of California when I was there. I know doing drugs is fun. I had more fun than any person should be allowed to have. But that crap will mess you UP. I'm talking all drugs. I know I'm wasting my time telling you this but I don't care. I know how young people think. Adults don't know what the hell they're talking about. You think they're clueless and gullible. That may have been true once but not any more. Your parents were exposed to drugs just like you. I'm assuming your parents aren't doing drugs or you'd know about having zits from doing them. Ok I'm not making my point here. I doubt I can. Most people have to learn the hard way. I hope you survive it all. Good luck!

yes. just one of many side affects

Yes. Meth will make your face/arm/legs .. whatever body part break out and if it gets bad enough, the sours will open up and start oozing a nasty smelling type liquid/gel.
Go to an ememergency room and ask a nurse who deals with it. It can get as bad as eating your skin right down to the bone.

Just say "NO" to drugs
LIFE is so much cheaper and easier to get high on!!!

Yes it can. The oil and chemicals from the drug escape through
your pores which can cause them to get clogged. make sure you dont pick at your face either, this will cause scarring.

maya v
honey not just your skin , but your whole entire system, meth is poison...kills you slowly...fries you brain....so stay away from this , you wouldnt drink poison now would you ?

If you are using Meth, you have alot more things to worry about besides your skin breaking out! Your teeth will rot, you will become paranoid, moody, you will lose friends, weight, sleep, your organs will start to shut down. Not to mention that if you are making it yourself, you could blow yourself up. Your brain cells die at a high rate and they don't grow back!! You will start picking at your skin because you feel like something is crawling all over you which will cause sores on your body, and your face. So yes, your skin will break out, which is the least of your worries. So if you haven't started, DON'T!! If you have, then go to your nearest hospital and get help, you can't stop on your own. Please stop!!

Yes it does. Take a look around you at all the losers doing drugs. Look clean to you?

Meth also makes other parts of your body break out. Your teeth, hair, lungs, bones, brain, all your organs. Everything is adversely affected by the poison you put into your body.'

i used to work with meth addicts...not only will it eff up your skin, it well literally crumble your teeth, and kill your lungs, kidneys, and liver. it ages you about 10 years for every one year that you use it. the damage is irreversible. i've worked with some teens who lost ALL their teeth after using for only 1 year...not a pretty sight.

Yes, and kill you too. As well as making your teeth fall out, and making you look 30 years older than what you are. Not to mention blowing up the whole trailer park. Just say no.

Um, yeah. Do you realize what they put in that stuff? It's nasty and dangerous, and the ingredients aren't fit for human consumption. Skin blemishes like pimples are cause by hormonal imbalances, which are then secreted through your pores. Get off the meth, save your skin.

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