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 Can Smoking cause acne?
I never had an acne problem and suddenly I been breaking out along my forehead and jawline. the only thing I have done differnent is smoke everyother day. I Have like one cigg a week and I wanted to ...

 I know...Gross...but I have a question on head lice.?
Last night I discovered that my daughter had head lice. I went and bought the lice shampoo and the lice and nit comb and she patiently sat there for two hours while I combed out as many nits as I ...

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 Anyone know of a good deoderant that wont give me a rash?????
having a hard time trying to find a good one. seems like the clear sticks are the ones that give me the most trouble. i get a lot of redness and itching and sometimes even welts. have tried some that ...

 What malady did ancient Arabs treat by slipping a garlic clove under the skin at the temple, until pus formed?
What malady did ancient Arabs treat by slipping a garlic clove under the skin at the temple, until pus formed?...

 In cleaning your face, which is better to use? cold or hot water?
and if theres something i must mix with the water please mention ...

 How do i help cure acne on my face?
i have severe acne on my face and i have a product that helps but i wana know tips thatl help speed up the process without overdoind the treatment....

 Is this normal?
my little sister loves to pick dead skin from people in my family. i went to hawaii for 2 weeks and got a sunburn on my back. so, she lifts up the back of my shirt and starts rubbing off the dead ...

 How can you get rid of white heads on the face quick and easy?

 How can I get rid of lice?
On Friday, this will be my fourth week having lice. My parents have been using lice shampoos and combing through my hair and they washed everything, but how can finally get rid of it? My little ...

 How do i get rid of my stye eye?
i woke up about 2/3 days agoa and my mom said that i had a sty eye! i didnt think that was true because i could not fin the pimple on my eye. i still cant and im wondering if its something else. ...

 How come acne only appears on people faces?
I know it can appear on some peoples back (and butt?) but why these places? Why not on our arms or feet? Lol, is nature out to get us by making it most common on people faces?...

 How to get rid of acne?
i have acne on my forhead. im a guy. i think its from my hair. when i had short hair and spiked it, i didnt have a problem. then i started to grow my hair out and i got acne everywhere on my forehead....

 Armpit sweat problem?
what deodrant/product should i use to not sweat or smell, i hate when my armpit sweats and smells, what should i do?...

 Help My Friend!?
My friend, whenever she itches her leg, or skin really hard like white dandruffy stuff appears but it goes away when you blow it off. But then her legs and arms are really really itchy!!! She doesn�...

 I have blackheads on my nose?
i have blackheads on my nose i have used clean n clear but it didnt work in there anything what will get rid of ...

 About eczema?
Ive had eczema for 11 months and the cream the doctors keep giving me ie Ollatum and Betnavate are not clearing up the rash and easing the ittching and pain still there Any suggestions ...

 Question about sunburn?
I got sunburn on my shoulder six days ago and today there are millions of tiny bubbles under the sunburn. Does this mean my skin is about to peel? Are these blisters or something?
Additional D...

 I knew that no one could answer this!?
I have an area on my palm that is puckered and seems to have a root in the center of it. I have dug at it without bleeding and when I try to pull this thing in the center it stretches out and breaks ...

 What's the best way to get rid of acne quick?

sun angel
Can love fade away?

Ain't Born Typical.
True love never dies.


Pooh Gotti
yes, and often does

*Amanda Leigh*
true love doesnt. but sometimes people just grow out of love.

its sad to say, but yes
we all meet that person that really excites us, but then we just grow apart and we seem to be changing. most things fade, but true love(if it exists) does not!:D

Yes... Slowly but surely..

yeah if you let it. and stop working at it.

i really think it cant

True love doesn't...but as you see when you look around the world today..."love"...mistaken love...does fade away.

If you're love has faded away however, it probably was never true.

bill l
real love does not fade . it may change but not leave.

Chicken in Black
Yes, if you smear it with topical cream, or treat it with penicillin


is there a reason this is under "skin conditions"?

dark angel
Hi Sun Angel.Yes it can. love is very fleeting and sometimes goes away.Sometimes it last a long time but it always seems to slip away.I don't know why in the begaining you love so strong that you think that it will last and then it just go away.

Randy the Candy
It can even be turned into hate.

My best friend always tells me, "If it was love, it will never fade." Even after a breakup or divorce, if you ever truly loved the person, this feeling will not fade.

If you become to hate or feel nothing for the person, you never loved them to begin with!


ya........sadly, when ppl ask me wut love is i say hate cause thats wut love turns into

Patient Paws
Well, it won't completely go away, it is a part of who you are today. Without the person you were/are in love with, you wouldn't be who you are today.

It will fade into a fond memory.

why is this under skin conditions?

yes, if it isn't true love... it only fades away because two people realize that they don't belong together.

why is this in skin conditions and it can fade away depending on what type of person you like the more you find out about a person the more you know if he/she is right for you or not

What's true love? You make love sound easy. I'll be married 22 years (yes, I love my husband) and it's hard work.


Curtis L
Human love can fade with time. God's love for us endures forever.

Yes. Sometimes it even turns into hate!

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