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Can child with chicken pox go swimming?

yes but it could make you itch and also you could get another person infected because chicken pox is air born

NO.keep children with the chicken pox calm, cool and dry, as getting warm and sweaty will make the itching worse.

no its contagious!!! they need to be kept in doors for a t least 2 weeks!!

No, cause the child shouldn't be near anyone with chicken pox unless it's your own pool at home, then yes.

Chicken Pox are HIGHLY contagious. Child should not be in public until all sores are healed.

Its contagious and could give it to all the other kids that are swimming in the pool.


well, i guess they COULD, if you dont care about the other people in the pool.

infact, i would rather get them as a child then an adult, when they can be alot worse, and are in fact ALOT more dangerous.

when you are a child, they are mearly a nousiance, but as an adult, they can keep you out of work at best, and kill you at worst. (unless you scratch them, and living with the scars is worse than death for you..)

but, i would suggest keeping him out of the pool for a while.

just spray her with a hose if they really want to cool off.

and let the other mothers know that your child is infected, and that it actually is best for their children to get them now, and be immune as adults.

I wouldn't let them because chick pox spreads. You might risk other children's health who hasn't had it by letting your child swim in a pool with them. I guess if it's a small pool in your backyard and only that child and/or people who have had it are in, then it might be okay.

technically speaking yes

for the sake of anyone else entering the pool... NO

yes i think so just be careful he or she doesn't get it worse and be careful drying off

i don't believe so. i'm pretty positive they can't

Autumns Destany
A child with chicken pox does not need to go anywhere.

It would actually be good to go swimming in the ocean. The salt water is good for the skin, but keep the kid away from other kids. The salt water will help the skin heal and keep from scaring.

Once all of the spots have formed scabs they are no longer contagious. Mind you, do you really want every stranger you see berating you and calling you a bad parent. Just because you think it's okay doesn't mean everybody else will. When it comes to parenting, everybody's a busybody.

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