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Can black people get sunburn????
i was wondering cuz ima fixin to hit it big dis summer and wondering if i need sun screen????


yeah. i had a friend and i didnt think that black people could sunburn and i asked her one time and she said that they can it just doesnt show up as well as it does on white ppl.

it sounds like you are black, if so this is a mute question. of course the skin can burn, sun block is an every color necessity anymore.

Niklaus Pfirsig
Yes they can, the sun has no racial preferences.

A really good question. But would use a little anyway. Very fair skin people with freckles are said to burn more and to be careful and use full sun factor. Interesting to know if the darker the skin the more natural protection it has but wouldn't risk it. You may be beautiful in the sun now but years down the line is skin cancer going to be the look. Sorry to be so blunt but cancer kills.x

It seems like PostMan knows his facts and has a good answer. I don't know the facts but what I do know is that I grew
up in Arizona and never got sunburn. I am sure because I alwasy wore sunscreen. I live in Maryland now where my three sons are growing up and my family (husband and three son's) always wears sunscreen and we have never had sunburn. Like I said I don't know the facts but I do have experience.

Sashlee maybe this will answer your question:

How much sun exposure is needed to get skin cancer?

It's hard to say. It depends on three things:
- your skin type
- how much exposure you've had to the sun, and
- the age at which the exposure to the sun happened.

Your skin type determines how susceptible you are to burning.

- White-skinned people who do not tend to tan are at most risk.
- White-skinned people who tan easily are at less risk.
- Brown-skinned people are at less risk.
- Black-skinned people don't tend to get skin cancer, but they can get sunburnt if the ultraviolet level is 7 or 8 here in the UK.

for more information click the link below:

Mary Catherine
YES. sun is attracted to darker colors.

According to Dr. Oz, you know the Doctor who is always on Oprah, black people have natural SPF but still need to take the necessary precautions to avoid risk of skin cancer. You can still get sun burnt and cause sun damage to your skin with a darker complextion.

Lead researcher Dr Hugh Gloster said:

"There's a perception that people with darker skin don't have to worry about skin cancer, but that's not true.

"Unfortunately, that translates into higher mortality rates."

He said it was true that the extra pigment in darker skin did afford some added protection against the sun's harmful UV rays and that darker skin is, therefore, less susceptible to sunburn. But he said this should not lull people with darker skin into a false sense of security. Dark skin has increased epidermal melanin which provides a natural skin protection factor (SPF) - a measure of how long skin covered with sunscreen takes to burn compared with uncovered skin.

Very dark, black skin has a natural SPF of about 13 and filters twice as much UV radiation as white skin, for example.

Hope that helps

yes of coarse


Yes they can get sunburned. I had a friend who went to the beach on occasion, and she showed me where she had actually gotten a sunburn, believe it or not. I was surprised, but it does happen. Sun screen is always a good idea.

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