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type of rash
3 oval shaped 3 inch areas with small bumps inside them.
Began to inch about 4 days ago and each day grow a little bigger and become redder.
i am 24
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 I have these red spots on my chest and back?
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(don't say that i ...

Mrs J
Can a mole grow ? How do you know if it may be cancerous?

Yes a mole can grow. And if it's a smaller mole you're concerned about, the dermatologist will usually just remove it than to take chances.

all moles can grow, but cancerous ones tend to grow and change rapidly. Look for irregular borders, a mole that contains several colors, is larger than a pencil eraser, itches, bleeds or hurts.

normal moles are generally small, round, symmetrical and uniform in color. You can see a dermotologist if you feel you have a questionable mole - a lot of times they'll go ahead and remove ones that look pre-cancerous..it's not very painful and can be done in the office (my husband has had ten removed so far.)

cancerous moles will grow.. they will also not be round and also different colors in different areas.. to know for sure if it's cancer you would need a biopsy

they sure can.

to be REALLY sure, you need a doctor.

Fast-growing moles with irregular borders and funny colors (such as red, white, or blue) should be checked by your doctor


Moles do grow, you are not born with every mark you will ever have on your body. A doctor can tell if a mole is prone to be cancer by looking at the shape and color.

Moles can grow. Uneven edges and/or change in the surface of the mole can indicate it may be cancerous.

hot pepper
a mole can grow, and yes you need to see a Dr if it changes color or has a jagged shape to it. you should have your moles checked by your Dr. anyways, if he has any suspicions he will send you to a dermatologist.

It grows and has irregular borders.

i asked my dr today. she said yes, and have it looked at after body is finished growing(after puberty) by a dermatologist.


This should help.

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