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Donny B
Can I shave my hair to get rid of lice?
Can you please help me? I need them out today!

address man
I would go to a doctor or clinic and get some medication. You don't want them to spread to others.

No Shaving your head WILL NOT get rid of lice. They still live on those hairs that are very close to the roots and eggs are also there ready to hatch. Go to Wal-Mart and buy this lice treatment named Nix. If just use this stuff by itself it will get rid of lice and there will be no need to shave your hair off. You can still shave your hair off just to make it easier to comb through. Hope this helps.

i think so but so will shampoo for lice!!
dnt shave your freeking head man

No that doesn't work. Go to Walgreens, Walmart, any store like that and they have lice kits for your hair. It helps if someone else does this for you. You might not get all the eggs out by doing it yourself. Along with doing that you need to wash EVERYTHING. Lice can live everywhere. If you don't wash everything then it will keep going back to your hair. Good luck!

Vanessa B
yeah but if your a girl i wouldnt here are some tips...use mayo,nit combs,salad dressing or take a shower with lice shampoo for 2 hours. hope you get those pests out of your hair!

trapped in my fate
yeah just shave it bald

It will help, but it won't get rid of all of them. I recommend you take a shower with the lice shampoo.

yeah you can but they will be in your bed sheets and on your couch still like all over so you have to clean everything really well.

I think it would be good but i think you have to use the medication too.

When I went to school we got our hair checked for lice every year but they said their was a special shampoo for lice.

Yes that would work...make sure you wash your scalp good. By removing your hair you are removing the nits and lice. But you may still itch and infect others until you clean your blankets, pillows, and clothes...

Yeah you could. There are also shampoos that you can buy at like walgreens or cvs that get rid of them. You have to shampoo your hair, which gets some of them out, then you have to comb all the eggs out.
The shampooing drys your hair though, so I would use a conditioning shampoo/conditioner afterwards, unless it says not to on the box.
Also wash and pillows and pillowcases, bed linen, furniture, that you have laid on. And throw away hair accessories( ties, clips ets.) and brushes. (if you use them)
Dont forget to also wash clothes.

noooo. but if you are not gonna feel embarras with no hair then go ahead. but if you have patience, then try this: comb through your hair when you are washing it. it gets rid of lice that is sticked to the wet hairs. you have to wash the comb also everytime you comb through your hair so the lice won't stick back to your hair again. wash your hair daily and follow these procedure. before i had so many lices too i always felt embarrased. right now, i have none. trust me this will work. you don't have to wash your daily if you don't want to, you can wash three times a week and comb through everytime. you'll see the result after few months or maybe quick if you are determined. GOOD LUCK!

they will not all go away. you can shave off your hair to make it easier to use the lice shampoo, but it won't make it go away all in one day. it will make it easier to comb them out though.

Yes but remember to wash your scalp with flea medication and shampoo.

Yes you can shave your head to get rid of them but you have to shave it down to the skin, then jump in the shower and wash your head with shampoo, and when you step out they will be gone. Also wash all your bedding and clothing you have recently worn, to stop reinfestation.

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