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Boil on top of buttcrack ... ?
Well, this is kinda embarrassing, but I this boil-like thing on the start of my butt-crack (top). It's painful, but only if there's any pressure on it (i.e. certain sitting/lying/walking positions).

It started maybe 2 months ago... it came, burst when there too much pressure on it (unintentional) and it was all bloody (no pus). It didn't hurt when it burst though; in fact it was quite a relief after it burst. Then, in like 2 weeks, it "healed" and came back --> Same thing, bloody burst, but relief and no pus. And again and again.

I'm getting quite irritated about this. Today, I applied some soframycin (regular antibacterial skin cream, the one you'd use on a skin wound).

Does anyone know if it's something I should be concerned about? Do I need to see a doctor? I'm 17, by the way, if this makes a difference.

I'd appreciate professional opinion a lot, if there are any nurses or doctors out there willing to help an embarrassed teenager out. THANKS! :)

Being that you are seventeen I would definately go see a doctor. The reason why I think it keeps coming back is because it is an open wound in such a bacteria infested area, and it is located in a place where the skin is constantly being pulled and stretched from walking, sittind etc. If you don't take care of this soon it is quite possible it could turn into a keloid scar and you don't want. Get some professional help.

p.s. If it has just recently burst as you had mentioned i would spend a day at home, without clothes, letting it dry out. Part of the reason it keeps coming back is moisture.

Hope this helps

Go see you Doctor!!

Johnny S
Your going to have to go to the doctor to get it cut off

Yee-ouch! Not in the medical field, but I would recommend you see a doc. I feel for ya, gotta be painful.

You should seek advice from a Doctor. There could be a hair that is trapped in the hair follicle which is causing it to swell and become irrated. You may need to take some anti bodics in order to clear up any infection that may be there.
The bloody burst are probably being caused from where it is bruised under the skin. Have a doc look at it.

Go see a dr, they can prescribe antibiotics to kill it. I used to get one in my ear of all places, every few months I would get it back in the same spot after it had completely healed up. Zithromax is what I was on. Good luck!

carblue ♥
Yes I can understand you being embarrassed but since it has been there so long you need to go to the doctor. If you in the US we have seen an abnormal amount of MRSA it is bad strain of staph (which is what a boil represents). It may be common too elsewhere, but I am in America so I can only address what we have going on. MRSA is methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus and is highly resistant to antibiotics, it can also kill you! Not saying that is what you have, but it wouldn't hurt making sure. It could also be a very ingrown hair that the doctor can weasle out of there. I am sure your ma or pa will not mind taking you to the dr. so go...better safe then sorry.

Cora Z
This sounds like a pilonidal cyst. A close family member of mine has had these reoccur many times, and they do occur more often in men. Some think it's due to ingrown hair, but there's really no proof of that.

You need to go to a doctor because if you don't get it checked or put on antibiotics, the cyct can actually "root" deeper with each infection. And sometimes, the cyst will actually "travel" to the other side, so then they have to do a kind of wishbone incision along both sides. Don't fool around with this. You'll find yourself in worse pain than it's worth. Pain is nothing to be embarrassed about.

♥sexy momma♥ ;-)
yes, you should see a doctor, There is probably a pus sac (yeah, I know, gross) inside that will have to punctured and drained by a dr. Do not try to do it yourself. You will probalby have to go on antibiotics as well.

Yes, go see a doctor.

After this period of time and it continuing, it is definitely time for a doctor visit. Don't be embarrassed, they have seen everything. :)

Sue Ellie
This sounds like a staph infection. We all carry staph and sometimes they can come up to a head and HURT. Yes, go to the Dr., He/she will take a culture, put you on an antibiotic, probably call you about a week later and put you on a stronger antibiotic, plus this ointment that you dab lightly up inside your nose to breathe into your body. Clean and disinfect everything, especially your toilet, wash your hands always, and remember to tell any new Dr. that you have had staph. Also bleach your laundry and wash super hot loads. Good luck. You also can contract MRSA (another name for staph) even if you are one of the cleanest people around.

you sound like you have what is called a pylonidal or pilonidal cyst, pardon the spelling. Yes, you need to see a doctor and possibly be prescribed some antibiotic pills. Cysts originate deep in the skin tissue and can recur. The infection obviously has not healed itself if there is a pus sac present that has'nt drained. If the infection progresses it can get into surrounding tissues and your bloodstream, causing some pretty significant damage and pain. The fact that you have a cyst "there" has little to do with how many showers you take, just in case you're wondering. It could easily have originated with an ingrown hair and progressed to it's current size. Make an appointment!

ღ Princess Leigh ღ
I'd go check it out with your doctor honey, better safe than sorry

sounds like a cyst..will need to see doctor to get it completely out so it will heal..

Nothing embarrassing about a medical question. I work in a surgical office. You may very well have a pylonidal cyst...very common, or possibly a sebaceous cyst.

At any rate, you need an evaluation and treatment. If it is a pylonidal cyst, you will need surgical removal in a hospital. If it is a sebaceous cyst, it will be done in a surgical office, with Lidocaine/Epi, numbing injection, so that you will feel nothing after that, while the procedure is done.

With either one, they have to be packed, not stitched, so it can heal from the inside out. You will have someone at home clean and repack it twice a day, and see the doctor once a week...til it's healed.

When the site is "empty," after surgery, it has to be packed instead of stitched, because the hole where it was, would fill up with fluid again.

You probably did not want to hear this, but at least you know what to expect...You HAVE TO see a surgeon soon, for proper evaluation and treatment. It IS NOT going to go away by itself, unfortunately. Don't put it off!!! Good luck.

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