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Best over-the-counter medication for poison ivy?
I've been using cortizone10 for like 3 days and symptoms are not getting better. Any help is appreciated!

calamine lotion,the pink stuff

Once the rash has started, there's not much you can do but treat it topically.

If you know you've been exposed, wash the exposed area with brown soap -- Fels Naphtha is the brand I'm most familiar with -- some soap with a higher lye content. That saponifies the oil -- urushiol -- that causes the rash.

Once the rash shows up, I've had decent results with Caladryl Lotion and Benadryl ointment/cream.

The Disciple
Chalomine Lotion works.

However, if you can't get suitable medicine, you can pee on your hand. That dries out the poison ivy.

It does not help me either....try TENCHU . ....follow the directions.

My son gets poison ivy at least twice a year very badly. Believe me, I've bought everything over-the-counter from Ban deodorant (plain, no aloe) for itching to Zanfel, which is over $35.00 a tube. NONE of the stuff works. Once, I ended up in the ER with him. When he breaks out now, I save my money and just go to the doctor's office and get prescription medication. Works EVERY time.

Hope you get better soon. It's some nasty stuff, I know.

Benadryl is good to use, also caladryl, calamine lotion. gold bond lotion i think. but ask a doctor can he recommend you the strongest over the counter medicine for poison ivy. i hope that you feel better.

supposedly theres a real good one at the local drugstore thats like called iveystop or something ask the druggist also add some of those benedryl tablets to your diet from the dollar store its a good way to treat itching from the inside also mix some of the powder from the pills into the cortizone and it will numb the skin slightly and relieve the itch

Caladryl - if you aren't allergic to it. It has an anti-histimine in it.

Seriously just put 1/2 cup of baking soda in your bath water. Wash the area FREQUENTLY. Applying any lotion or cream that is oil based will only SPREAD the poison ivy.

Good and simple calamine lotion.

ღTHIS girl CAN rawkღ
This may sound REALLLLLLY stupid/lol/but if u make a soft X on where it iches, then slap it/again lol/ it stops.

horse girl
benedril... if your not allergic to it.

Benadryl Cream. Use sparingly.
It numbs the itching and promotes healing.

I have always found hot soap & water followed by Ivy Dry works for me.

Also use Ivy dry as a preventive by rubbing it on your exposed skin when you must come in contact with Poison Ivy.

Try some Aveeno (don't think I spelt it right) Oatmeal soap and Calomine (I know I didn't spell that right at all) That's what we use at daycare and what mom used for me and my brothers. The Oatmeal dries out the infections and the calomine stops the itching.

Charlie H @ Ks
Calamine lotion worked for me.

Calamine Lotion
its pink

kyle b
i know it sounds crazy, but brake cleaner works really well, as it drys up your skin and kills the infection.

calamine lotion

If you can (I can't) try calamine lotion. It's old but it works. But for fast relief try an oatmeal bath. I use Aveeno. And if that doesn't work go to the doctors.

Celebrity girl
Calamine lotion.

Go to the doctor and get a shot. The itching will stop almost immediately and it will clear up completely within a week

Ciphers numerical discrepancy
Tecnu Poison Oak/Ivy wash
Better yet before you go in the woods put on
NO-SCRATCH-UM it makes an invisible barrier that oak, ivy and sumac can't penetrate

We used a product called Ivarest. In the first aid section of most stores. Caution: if it does not clear up the symptoms in 2 to 3 days plz check with your doctor. Also taking Benadril will ease the itching form the inside out by blocking the chemical your body makes called histeine. Good Luck!!

Food Traveler

I don't know if I am going to spell this right, but when I was a child my mother used "calamine lotion" it's pink and you just rub it over the infected area. I've also heard that St. John's works also.

Benadryl for itching and rash, calamine or gold bond lotion to reduce redness (although the calamine dries pink so you probably don't want to wear it out in public).

Poison ivy is different in all people, some react severe others not at all. ...for the minor cases calamine lotion will dry it up and the fluid will not spread. For more severe cases, Medical treatment is prescribed due to the fact that it can in rare cases be life threatening. Prescription medication is used in serious cases. Check with your doctor seeing how it has not gotten anybetter.

boo's mom
Chigg-Away! It's the only thing that will work on my hubby (he's very allergic to poison ivy).

You can find it on any military base and on eBay.

Well, there are a couple things that you may want to pick up over the counter.
Benadryl is the main one. Poison ivy releases a poison that benadryl clears up internally. Your best bet is to buy the benadryl pills. You need to make sure that you are washing the sheets often and washing your hands too. Changing wash clothe and towel is important too.
Calamine lotion will dry it up externally. Cortizone just stops the itch and that is all that it does.

Appreciate Each Day
The over the counter remedies don't work well. If you aren't improving, call the doctor and get medicine that needs prescription.

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