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No popping please....

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Pascal S
Acne... Getting worse, not better!?
Hello, I have tried a wide assortment of acne products, from Proactive, to Arbonne (about 6 total, currently on Arbonne) and cant find one that truly helps put my acne to rest... Now I know when I was on other products, I was tempted to *get rid of my pimples the fast way...* but over the last two months or so, I have completely stopped that, and have been doing a complete regiment of strict washings:

*morning & night (with product) 1-2 times in mid-day (with soap) & the vitamin supplement*

But the problem is that my acne is getting... WORSE! Not only is it popping up in places where I've never had acne before.. (chin & cheeks) but its getting bigger in problem spots like my forehead! (which now feels greasy all the time, until I wash)

Also, when I recieve a pimple, it takes a very large time to go away... (some have stayed red for weeks! & are somewhat painful to touch!)

What should I do? I'll keep using Arbonne until it runs out.
After should I get a prescription?

P.S. Age 15M

Have you tried putting toothpaste over your face and leaving it on all night...I know it Dry's Spots out

Although Spots and Acne are 2 different things...ask your doctor...good luck

Meghan N
try going to the doctor to get on accutane .... its really good it takes a while to kick i but try it... and try tanning like in a tanning bed that outta help

use netrogena
i think thats how you spell
it you have to use it 3 times a day
morning afternoon and before you go to bed
and it pretty much helps me(:

Ask your dermatologist about Accutane. That should clear things up. However, it is in pill form.

Estevan B

It has to get worse before it gets any better. Right now your pores are opening up, and your skin is actually really clean. Thats why its breaking out. Just wait a bit and keep up what your doing and your skin will start to clear up!

dont touch your face at all
drink lots of water
i steam my face and then pop whatever is there and it works just do it every once in awhile if you do.
or just use anything by clean and clear
3 times a day.

Jessika Lynn
Go to a dermatologist, they will prescribe you different medications and keep checking on your progress until they find one that works for you !

Quit all that stuff. Go see a dermatologist. He/she will put you on acne meds that work.
When you wash your face so much and put chemicals on it, it actually irritates the skin, which at 15 means more pimples!


I suffered from acne too. Here are some ways, which i do to controll the acne on my face.

1. Use t3 blotter. It absorb oil from the face. T3 blotter really helps compared to clean and clear brand.

2. Do not eat oily food.

3. Change your pillow case once a week.

4. Do not rest your face with hands or have frinch covering the forehead.

5. If the product you are using gets worse, STOP using it.

6. I go to facial which my fren recommended. It cost $30 per treatment. It helps. From there, my acne improve. I think yours is cause my hormones since you are growing. :)

It is obvious that this treatment is not helping you, it says to stop using if it makes it worse. My advice is to stop and see how your skin feels after you stop using it. I know exactly how you feel I went through a period when my acne got so bad i didn't even want to touch my face anymore. My advice to you is to go see a dermatologist,I too tried to proactiv and other over the counter medicine, but in the end you are just wasting your time and money. I went to a dermatologist who gave me anti bio-tics and a skin care routine just like the one you are doing and it worked. Maybe a dermatologist is expensive but if you think about you are saving money because you wont be wasting your money on other products that don't work. I'm from Chicago and i went to the dermatology clinic at the university of Chicago the doctor is Dr. Tsoukas. I hope you find a good dermatologist. Good Luck!

Change your diet. Diet is the major cause of health issues in the U. S. Eat only fresh fruit and vegetables, no fatty meats, butter, fried foods, candy, alcohol, gravy. Get rid of the chemical face washes and use a good facial cleanser followed by a toner. Do this morning and night. Develop a good sleep pattern, get exercise and plenty of fresh air as well. You may need a couple of months to see any improvement-remember how long it took to develop your problem/it usually takes just as long to fix it. Be patient and watch what you eat. Good luck!

betty boop
when you use a product if it doesn't help then stop using it!! You should go to a doctor maybe you need something stronger then what you get off the shelf.
Good Luck!!


I am an Arbonne consultant. I was wondering which product you are using on your face for your acne.

I tried all sorts of different things to get rid of my acne: proactiv, clearisil, you name it. I eventually went to a dermitoligist and he prescribed me doxycycline pills (they arent the kind of pills that cause birth defects), triaz cleanser and ziana gel. if you cant afford the name brands, generics are offered and work just as well.
If you cant afford to see a dermitoligist, i would recommend washing your face with a soap such as aveeno or neutregena that isnt full of nasty chemicals that clog your pores. i also might use the occasional biore strip to cleanse pores. hope this helps!

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