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NOT illegal drugs, like tylonal


Drop a huge brick on your foot a few times, you'll forget all about your headache.

i've been using this stuff called peace of mind from a company called origins. it really works i have put the link below. i don't need to use pain killers for my headaches any more since i started using it

Try one of the pads you can buy at the chemist.They are pretty good!
You could also try soaking a flannel in very cold water adding a few drops of Lavender Oil. This should be placed on the forehead but if its a tension headache I find the back of the neck works better!!
If possible Go to Sleep!!

There are different types of headaches, but I do know some headaches which feel like they are behind your temples can be alleviated by massaging around the temples. I think these are caused by stress, which actually, on some people, cause them to tense the muscles in their face. Try scowling or looking mad in front of the mirror if you don't believe me, you will see some muscles in your face and head tense up. So those muscles become sore depending on the intensity of the tightening. So that is why some headaches can be massaged away, because they are muscular in origin.

I rub my temples,clockwise helps,softly tho

I always lay down clear my mind and just meditate just concentrate on breathing. Hope it works for you!

Jack B
make some tea and inhale the steam until it is cool enough to drink. decaffinated because caffiene will make it worse for most people. taking a hot shower letting the water run over you r head, neck and shoulders.

massage to your head

i hope it works!

relax with some tea and get a peace of cloth and tied ur head
then hear slaw music with law light and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

You could try massaging the back of your neck in a hot shower, and then taking a nap after with a cool cloth over your forehead and eyes.
Hope it works for you. I don't like taking drugs either. Good luck!

Find some groundsel. Pull it up and smell the fresh roots.


Yeah, just laying or sitting real still for awhile works well for me.

Make sure you are fully hydrated, dehydration can give you a headache.

Pinch the web of flesh between your thumb and forefinger with your opposite hand (or have someone do it for you if you want). Hold that for a few minutes. This seems to work in some cases.

Sometimes coffee works.

You can't even take a plain aspirin, maybe half a one? Too bad.

There is no quick fix for headaches. When your head hurts, there are serious problems. You need to look in other places for the solution. Like your blood vessels, digestive tract, stress level etc. A headache means there many problems to fix. In my case it was the lymphatic system that was clogged up. I got my digestive tract working again and the headaches went away. Find a naturopathic doctor.

A.K.A. (angela knows all)
caffine in a warm drink like coffe or tea and a warm foot bath (that take blood from your head) or even if you are will to try it and orgasim will get ride of a head ache!!

I Seek

Penny Mae
reflexology and massage.

tylenol is not illegal thats whati take that or midol for headaches

Elizabeth L
Pinch the web of skin between your thumb and index finger pinch and massage your earlobe. Both are reflexology methods that work well. If your headache is a tension headache a good massage will make it go away, especially shoulders, neck and scalp. Or try a nap

try taking a nap. for only twenty to twenty-five min.

sleep and have all lights off

When possible, take a hot shower, getting the water over your head and neck.

When not possible, try a hot moist towel at the back of the neck and over the temples.

And massage the muscles of the scalp and neck.

This is when the headache is a tension headache, which most are.

Headache is a pain in the head, scalp or neck. Headaches can be
caused by minor problems like eyestrain, lack of coffee or more
serious reasons like head injury, brain tumors, encephalitis and
meningitis. Taking painkillers continuously can have harmful side
effects, so it is better to modify your lifestyle. More information
available at http://tinyurl.com/q8696

the most common cause for a headache is dehydration. so drink a few pints of water. no adiitive like fuit juices or other flavourings. just ice cold tap water. drink and within a few hours you should be rid of that headache however it will take time for the water to be absorbed and distributed throughout your body so drinking a half pint of water for every hour you are awake will help to keep that headache away. also avoid some kinds of foods. this depends on you some foood will give you a headache, and so will food with a high salt content as the salt ends up causing you to dehydrate (i find when i fail to monitor my salt intake).

i'm no medic just a guy who suffers with a lot of headaches and hates taking pills however paracetamol occasionally work, but some other pain killer either do not work or make me sick.
there are plenty of drugs on the market though for getting rid of a headache, you may not have found one yet that is compatible with you. see your doctor and ask him to perform allergy tests on the drugs you can and can not take. i'm sure he will be happy to help.

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