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LMAO! your right im gonna use it anyway, i just wanted to see what damage it could do

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Joe Frid
My skin is peeling on my shoulders, a lot. I was just in Bermuda.?
My skin is peeling on my shoulders, a lot. I was just in Bermuda. Will my skin peeling make it lose the tan, or what? And is it bad if my skin is peeling. Tell me everything.

Peeling does affect your tan a little, but not much. It's not bad if you get one bad sun burn every once in a while, but if you get them a lot and you start getting lots of freckles where your burns usually are, then, it's bad. I don't mean just a few freckles here and there - I mean a LOT of freckles.

normal take a warm bath adn use a body sponge and aloe lotion, you will be lighter where you peel but that happens to even it up use sunscreen everywhere but shoulders and lay out in the sun for about 30 minutes, but wait till you are completly finished peeling to do that,take care and have a great summer

rub 100% aloe vera gel on ur shoulders

If your skin is peeling, it can make the area look less tan than the rest of your skin for a few weeks. Also, yes it is bad that your skin is peeling. It means that you got a sunburn. The peeling is the dead skin cells coming off. Make sure you put aloe vera gel on it for a week or so. After that, make sure you keep putting a good lotion on it with a high SPF to prevent your skin from getting damaged any further. The more you burn that same area, the higher risk you have for getting sun cancer. Be very careful from now on.

I use this when I start peeling and it works fantastic!

Bannana Boat Aftersun Lotion


everyone loses their skin.Especially on their shoulders.its from having your shirt off or wearing tank tops.thats the most easiest place the sun gets to.and you WILL keep your tan.its just a thin layer of skin peeling off.VERY thin layer.

Its definitely not great if your skin is peeling, but it doesn't necessarily mean sun damage. if you got a sunburn that turned into tan, then that is why your skin is peeling, and the color might fade slightly.. but not to much. or it could be dry skin. moisturize and try to keep your shoulders covered from the sun for a few days.

use lotion to put moisture back into your skin.

You won't lose your tan...it is peeling because it is sunburned...it will stop peeling in a about a week..it gets itchy so use some hydrocortisone cream or aloe vera in a spray can from bannana boat

Baker Baker 1-9
Peeling is normal after a moderate sunburn, shouldn't be anything too bad. The best idea would have been to use sunscreen, but since we are past this point, there shouldn't be any big problems. I will appear that you are losing the tan at first when it is peeling, but once it is done peeling, spend a weekend somewhere around town with some sun exposure, and you will have an awesome tan.

Claire Z
Your skin is peeling becuase it was sun-burned. You have some dead skin on your sun-burn, and so you are "shedding" it. No, it is not bad that your skin is peeling; hman bodies do this naturally when you get sun-burned, just burned or "frozen". I would put some 100% Aloe on the peeling skin.

Hollow Bankai
hey its normal you just got sunburn, to get a tan you have to be in the sun for a little bit. so have had to be out for a while. it will make you lose some of your tan but thats ok.

kelly e
I'd use pure and natural soaps - and use a wash cloth or lufa in the shower to break away the dead skin - when dry apply a lotion make sure it doesn't contain mineral oil (shea butter, aloe based) aloe is great to treat a burn but if you are peeling now you should exfoliate and hydrate.

The best thing for a sun burn and one that will give you relief and start the healing process right away is a Lotion by the name of SiloeVera. Go to a web site named notaquitter followed by .com and order some today. They ship world wide and will get it to you right away. This is a combination of Aloe Vera and Silver and is really the best formula I have found. I have been treating this type of thing for some time now. Get it, use it, tell a friend.

♥ Emily ♥
ugh...... YOU HAVE BAD SUNBURN! my dad had the same thing he forgot to put on sunscreen and his back was peeling cuz of sunburn.... you have sunburn!!!! well, your skin will keep peeling until it heals and then next time, put on sunscreen!!! if you want a tan, only put on 15 or 25 or 30 spf suncreen . that will make u get a darker tan..... PUT LOTION WITH ALOE ON UR PEELING BACK TO MAKE IT HEAL LONGER!!! hope i helped

You have sunburn. If you stay out in the sun to often without the proper protection, you end up damaging your skin. The dead skin cells are now peeling off your body to make way for your new skin cells. Don't worry about it.

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