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My hands are dry. I have been putting lotion on them but it seems not to be working.?
I have 2 young children and a house that always is needing cleaned..so my hands are in water all the time. What can I do to get them to get back to not being so dry. They are starting to crack.

well make sure ur lotion doesnt have anti-bacterial stuff in it. cause that dries it out. get moisterizing hand soap and lotion.

I live in Prescott, Arizona. Hot summer and icy cold winter. Same skin problems. Try the Busted Knuckle Garage skin care cream. It's a local company here, and the stuff is pretty good. I'll attach the web address.

Katie Girl
Corn Huskers Lotion, here's a link to what the bottle looks like:


I used it when I was younger and my hands were cracking because they were so dry. It works great. You could probably find it at Walmart or Kmart.

wear gloves and put on lotion right after you dry your hands

don't know. its probably like getting chapped lips. the more you lick them the drier they get. If you get your hands wet all the time then they are getting drier. Lotion will help but if you use lotion you can't just put your hands in water right after, you have to use lotion until your hands get better before putting them in water again.

oh dont feel bad i have too little ones and i have the same problem. try using the aveeno baby lotion with no scent it works REALLY good. put it on while they are napping and you are not doing anything for a while and when you get out of the shower and befor you go to bed. and who said being a mom was easy huh!!! good luck hun.

I have really dry hands alot too and I use this lotion called St Ives Intensive Healing. It works really great for me and it doesn't leave that greasy feeling that alot of lotions tend to do. It costs less than $1 at walmart for a 3 oz tube.

Buy some special lotion equiped with ingredients especially for that problem. Don't worry to much though, it is normal.

Get Vaseline intensive care

First purchase some cloth gloves. Before going to bed apply a generous amount of Vasaline or a good thick Lotion to your hands. Burts Bees hs a great hand Salve. Put the gloves on and wear them to bed. do this nightly. Next when washing dishes start using rubber gloves. You have to keep your hands out of that water. Good luck!

Amie Danielle
If you can deal with this; get socks or gloves. Put Vaseline thickly on your hands or feet before bed then put the socks or gloves on your hands or feet and leave them on all night. See if that helps, it helps make my feet really soft. You have nothing to lose just gain.

This may be eczema. Hydrocortisone cream can help. Or see your doctor and you can get a prescription medication.

I totally have the solution for you as I worked as a Respiratory Therapist for many Years and had to wash in between every room and use alcohol in BMT and burn rooms use Vaseline petroleum jelly at night right before you go to sleep, put on rubber gloves and go to sleep it the morning your hands will be good as new. Sound weird but it works, I guarantee it! Repeat any time your hand ever dry out again. Solution works on anybody, unless you are allergic to latex.

I use Aveeno during the day. At night I put cotten socks on my hands with Bag Balm.You can get bag balm at the pharmacy---it is also called udder cream. I also gave up Peanut Butter it made a HUGE difference.

Laurie H
Zim's Crack Cream. Night formula and day formula. I swear by it.

My mom used to work in chemicals that dried out her hands really bad and this what she did. She slathered her hands in Vaseline and then put on plastic gloves and slept with them like that overnight. I wouldn't be able to sleep like that. So I would wait until the kids are in bed and you're able to sit still for a bit (watch a movie, read a book) and do the glove thing. After, take the gloves off and massage the Vaseline into your hands. Then wash lightly and put intense dry therapy lotion on. Just a thought.

aloe vera and also try this from a house painter of 27 years coat the hands with vasiline in the morning and then half way through the day it seals in the moisture and try to use gloves for the harsh chemicals of life

I use Olive Oil, not take much.

hi y have kids too , I use, vaseline petroleum jelly something I mixed baby oil in cream with vaseline petroleum every time you can and you know try to use glove too my doctor gime this too it,s really good you can ask you doctor too (AMMONIUM LACTATE CREAM12 % 385GM it,s with RX ONLY. YOU CAN USED ALL YOU BODY I do I used with my kids too because on winter time they ,skin it,s really dry ask you doctor problably works on you too . I hope this hope this help you .

Wear gloves when you are working in water or when your hands are having abrasive items hit them. Keep using the lotion and take Vitamin E pills for your skin.

Tiffany z
just drink a lot of water they are probably just dry that means your body's dehydrated and needs water!
then keep lotion on your skin and you will be OK
i hope your skin gets better

most places that have a pharmacy(like Walgreens)sell white cotton gloves that can be used over lotions that are designed for those with dry hands. Pick yourself up some of these and either a good quality lotion like Aveeno or Eucerin or some Vaseline and apply this at night then put on the gloves. Wear these over night while you sleep and remove them in the morning. If you choose vaseline, you may have to rinse off any extra that is on your hands unless it has soaked into your skin.

Wear gloves and use a better lotion than what you are using, and use it alot until they heal up, then keep using it

Easy question, easy awnser. Ok, first heat a cup of milk and immediatly pour into a bath tup(get in, obviously). Why, because it has antioxidants in it to let skin shine with luster, and it also has another natural chemical that can help reduce oil. Wait 10-15 minutes before washing. Also, you can eat 1/2 cups of cashews, because it has 36%-40% of the recommended zinc and copper, which leaves skin soft, and filled with luster. And last, you can soak it in cherries with water, because it releases a compond absorbed into the skin to soften it and prevent craking!

Breanna F
sometimes too much lotion can cause your skin too crack. try a lotion with moisturizer!

Drink water.

Gold Bonds!!

Listen to me. If your hands are cracking, you must do this:

slather them every night with vaseline. And wear clean socks or cotton gloves or plastic gloves every night. They will soften up again.
If your hands are in detergent that much, you need to consider using less of it and a mild cleaner instead of detergent. Also - most hand lotions (other than straight vaseline) contain alcohol. A drying agent. Go figure.

Use Aveeno lotion..try the stress relieving one..I promise you these ones work...I have my hand in water all day too..cleaning supplies are the worst...put a bottle of Aveeno in the bathroom, in your bedroom and the kitchen next to the sink...make it handy so when ever you look at the stuff put it on...

Put lotion on them before bed and put socks over them in order to keep the moisture in overnight. It works like a charm for me, even if you look a little weird.

warm some olive oil n put in on ur hands as a lotion, keep it for 10-15 minutes, do it everyday,, its the best,, my family and i are addicted to it ;p

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