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 Doctors note?
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I was hit in the eye with a baseball. What should I do?
I don't really want a black eye or half my face to blow up. There's no blood, but a red "splotch" of skin. A little bump too. Any ideas?

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Go to the health food store and get some homeopathic Arnica 30c, and dissolve about 7 pellets in your mouth, 20 minutes away from food and drink, several times a day for a few days. It will help with all sort of injuries and trauma. On the safe side, you still need to be examined by a doctor.

Since the area of skin is just reddened, I'd suggest a cold compress. Get a cold towel and press down gently for ~15 mins over your eye. It reduces swelling so you won't end up with a bump the next morning. That's about the best thing you can do now.

Ice and Ibuprofen. If there is any loss of vision, visible damage to the globe of the eye itself, or any instability of the bones around the eye (orbit) see a doctor.

yeah buddy
it'll get worse to, ur screwed.

Bottom Contributor
Hit your other eye with the bat so your eyes match.

You could go to the Medical Centre/Doctor.

My partner fell down the stairs and got a black eye. After a week it kept on getting blacker .... he had fractured the bone just below the eyebrow.

Eyes are every important as we only have two. Well actually I have just had four operations on my left eye and so only using one now.

Don't ignore your eyes.

mom of 2
Lots of ice is your only hope, but if you have a bump and a red splotch, you will more than likely have a bruise tomorrow. Just tell everyone that you took one for the team or that if they think you look bad, they should see the ball now.

GOD my friend did that last week!it usually only lasts for about a week or so. My friend said it really hurt. I would see a doctor if you really want medicine to ease the pain. Nothing can really help your eyes though.

dr s
ice pack three times for 10n minutes , 5 min rest. best answer?

Favor the other eye.

Ouch! Cold pacs. Don't use ice as it can freeze your skin. Try a little vaseline in between applying the cold pacs.

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