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plz suggest methods i can try at home.. without the use of any ...

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Well, This morning I hit my pinky toe extremely hard against my base of my couch (which is metal) when I was running cause I was late for school, and normally the pain goes away within 10 minutes, ...

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It's only started recently. When I put my hand on my knee and move my knee, it really feels like something is grating or crunching inside - it's freaking me out. I've never had any ...

 Does a broken nose usually lead to black eyes?
Someone on youtube said that and I wanted to know if it was true....

 Is this injury actually urgent like the person that answered before said?
I was playing basketball and this guy like backwards headbutted me, so it cut my chin that bled for a while, and my tongue bled even longer, but they both stopped, after i rinsed it out. But the ...

 Bad pain in lower back (i think its a pinched nerve)?
exactly a week ago i was getting my squat max in my weight lifting class. on my 3rd rep i got a really bad pain in my back and it has hurt since then. when i lay flat it doesnt hurt at all but when i ...

 Does anyone know a reputable optitians???

 How do i treat my burnt hand? 10 points best answer?
A couple of days ago i burnt my hand(backside of 3 fingers) with stream. I got 3 blisters-one finger was just completly blistered from the middle up.
The skin from the blisters peeled of and ...

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 Repetitive back pain?
I am middle aged male who has sufered from back problems for some years now. each time my back 'goes' i am in pain and discomfort for months and live my life trying to avoid it happening ...

 Water in ear several days ago, still can't hear fully?
A few days ago, I was swimming, when water got into my ear, so I dripped some rubbing alcohol into the ear and it cleared up slightly.
I continued swimming (stupid, I know), but nothing else ...

 Wired broken bones.?
My grandson broke 3 metatarsals a few weeks ago and they had to be wired. He has to have the wire out next week. Is he likely to be given an anaesthetic?...

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 My boyfriend thinks he broke his pinky toe...what can he do to stop it from hurting?
fyi:it happened on the corner of the bed..he was walking and his foot went around the corner but his pinky toe got stuck on the corner.
ALSO: is there a way to tell if it is really broken or ...

Okay well I went to school and they checked your back for Scoliosis and then the nurse sent a fax to my mom saying I need to go see a doctor.

What happens if you have scoliosis??...

 My 3 year old daughter fell today. Should I be concerned if......?
She fell at the park today, and cried a little after the initial fall. Then she got back down and began playing again. I felt her arm a little bit later, and she had a little bit of pain, but not a ...

 When I go jogging my knee stiffens up and becomes painfull what do you think is causing this?
I went jogging yesterday and after about 10 mins my knee went stiff and a bit painfull, it made it difficault to properly "kick" my leg forward when running. This morning it still feels ...

 How long does it take for a person to get out of coma?
my friend was hit in the head.He was in one of the coaches of one of the seven trains when the serial blasts took place in mumbai trains recently.I have'nt seen him but his father told me he'...

 I think I pulled a muscle in my leg, what should i do?
It's really hurts, it's like in my inner leg running down. I must have done it in dance yesterday. What should I do?...

I just swallowed a small chicken bone am i going to be okay?


try to drink alot of water to flush it down ....
if it is too small ..and you dont have chalking sensatioon you would be ok

Tuna Melt
If you start clucking, call Animal Control.

Sure it will just come out on the other end.

It shouldn't be much of a problem to pass. I wouldn't get to excited over it.

uh oh...you're going to grow a chicken inside of you.
but other than THAT, you should probably be fine, as long as you're not choking and the thing goes down fine.

If you can speak and you can breathe...you will be OK.

BigAl B
There is a chance you could die i guess, if it punctures your esophagus.

But theres more chance you'll just go clucking mad.

Vera Gabriele
you will be fine. Nothing can happen.. the danger was serious when you swallowed the chicken bone as it could have been caught in your windpipe and you could have suffocated.. by now yhe chicken bone. which must have been a small part of a chicken bone.. a minute portion .. is now in your stomach. it has passed your esophagus and your esophagus will not rupture.. you will be fine.... Never talk when you eat.. chew your food carefully if you choke on meat someone needs to be there to do the ''Heimlich Manoeuver on you or if you alone you have to find with your hand the end of your sternum.. your breastbone..and you need a chair.. where your breastbone ends.. thrust your chest.. your breastbone with full force against the back of the chair.. that is doing the heimlich manoeuvre on yourself.... you were lucky because meat is hard to dislodge but should this ever happen again do this asap if you happen to be alone.... now that is has passed your airpipe.. you are no longer in danger and it's long gone past your esphagus now... but getting meat or fish bones or any bone or gristle stuck in your throat is a very dangerous thing. You were very fortunate xxx

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