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 Hey i wanna know what happens if your hand get cut off?
Would it grow back?

like when you cut ur skin it grows back.


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 Should i stay home from school tomorrow?
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 Help!Need Help!!!!!!!!!?
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 What do you do when you think you broke your arm?
I think I broke my arm because I got my grandma mad at me so I threw my phone down and she twisted my arm and slapped my face....

 How do i recover from a broken arm?

Additional Details
ye ye ye i went to the docters got a cast and now i dont know how long its gunna take...help ...

 I hurt my back very bad when lifting a piece furniture and now i cant even stand up strait? What should i do?

 Lower back hurts please please please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
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 Did i sprain my ankle?
did i sprain my ankle if i twisted it and heard a POPING! sound?...

 What happened to my ankle? I landed wrong, and thought i sprained it, it hasn't swollen up but it still hurts.
What happened to my ankle? I landed wrong, and thought i sprained it, it hasn't swollen up but it still hurts. What should i do. Walking is unbearable. I landed wrong on my heel, so any sort of ...

 How do you remove a ring thats stuck on your finger?
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 Guess what!!!!!!!!!!?
sprained my wrist playing soccer and then i played basketball and hurt it more.

do you feel bad for me?...

 Suspected broken hand?
hello, i am typing this question with one hand.

Last night at Kenpo i blocked with an open hand which i never realised was open. never felt any pain or that at the time but once i had ...

I don't have the money right now to be making doctors visits. And I figured this should be pretty simple to tell if its broken.

paulette h
If you can't move it, it is broken. And, the word is sprained;-)

Your ankle may broken if it swells up and you can't walk on it, as it hurts. You should go the emergency room and have it checked out. You may need an xray to find out. Get it checked out if you don't it may bother you the rest of your life.

Nurse in Ohio
If a bone is sticking out, it's pretty safe to say it's broken. Numbness of the foot or toes is also a sign. The only other sure fire way is an xray.

what is spranged?

ok now listen. I know you're in pain... but read... SPRAINED.. SPRAINED.. SPRAINED... SPRAINED... SPRAINED.

If you can't put any pressure on it or walk on it, it's broken, if it's sprained you be able to put some pressure on it but don't hurt yourself you don't want to break it.

if it broken, you can't walk.you can't move it even an inch.

Buzz s
A sprain doesn't hurt as much as a break. You may not be able to stand on a break.
A break swells more than a sprain. The foot and ankle can be quite swollen even with the leg elevated and ice on it.
A break causes bleeding under the skin where a sprain does not normally.

Actually, it can be very difficult to tell between a severe sprain and a fracture. Generally with fractures the pain is unbearable with lots of swelling or localized deformity and you cannot move the injured part. Sprains cause massive swelling and pain, and some can require surgery to repair. If you heard or felt a "pop" or crunch, chances are you have a fracture. The way the ankle was injured could also be indicative of the damage. If the injury involved a lot of force, you may have a fracture, whereas if you simply 'turned" your ankle, it is probably only sprained.

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