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Sorry wrong category.

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Wow. THis world is scarier than I thought.....

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lona j
Which president died from syphilis?



It hasnt happend yet but I am sure it will be Bill clinton

No president died from syphillis read the sites below for the facts

John H
Ronald Reagan

the beet
Hasty searchers...Warren Harding didn't have syphilis...Capone did. The article mentions Capone, not Harding.

That's a good one, when you find out let me know.

Whitman Lam
None according to history books. William Henry Harrison died from pneumonia after 30 days in office. Warren G. Harding died from food poisoning from some bad oysters after 3 years in office.

Don't eat raw oysters during months that don't have the letter "R".
These are May, June, July, August.

Raw oysters have not been scientifically proven to be an aphrodisiac or love enhancer.

gots not clue never knew any of them died from syphilis

George Washington


Warren Harding

None of them did.
That link about Warren Harding does not even suggest such a thing. It talks about Al Capone's syphillis. Harding died of a stroke, officially.
Winston Churchill did not die of syphillis either.


kathy s
Gosh, I don't know. Looking forward to the answer. I know Winston Churchill died from it.

You mean US presidents? Not that i know of! Winston Churchill's father died from syphilis but not him (just to point it out)

Some people think George Washington may have had syphillis because he never had children. Syphillis can cause infertility. BUT other than speculation there is no proof that Washington suffered from any other symptoms than having no children.

no one.

warren g. harding had it, but I don't know that that's what killed him...

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