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i want to know why had jade goody have been having smear test from the age of 19 dont you get it when your are about 23,24 why had she been ask that age and why has there been so many abnormalites ...

 Does anyone know what chlamydia discharge looks like?
lately my gf has said her discharge has been a little thicker.. same color white but just thicker... im kinda worried... isnt chlamydia discharge a funky color?? any help??
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 Aches and burning when urinating???
i also have a pinkish discharge.
i have used a new razor to shave my bikini line aswell and have what im hoping is 3 ingrown hairs. they arent big or puss like or anything, just like a little ...

 So im 16 nd i met this girl. ive kised her nd ive fingered her but today she told me that she's HIV+. now wat?

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 Can you still get pregnant if you have an std?
this is kinda gross but i think my husband has an std and may have given it to me, i think. Can I still get pregnant if i have an std?...

 It burned when ever i peed?
back about two years a it started burning when i peed and it lasted for maybe bout 4 or 5 days i really dont remember and it went away on its own but now its on my mind and its bothering me on the ...

 To Those That Have Gotten Tested, Which Do You Prefer? Orasure or Blood Test?
Post your favored methods and why you prefer them.
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I prefer Orasure because of the quickness of the test. I hate having to wait 3 weeks to see if I'll live or ...

 Legal question~~serious answers only PLEASE. Is there any record of a case where one partner has given the?
other partner a STD and has been sued (like defamation of character, slander, emotional distress or the like) , and the Petitioner won? If so, where would I find out about it? Thank you....

 My mom has aids how do i cope?

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i have shorts ...

 I have pain below my stomach?

 What is STDs?

 I heard that you might not have HIV/AIDS but can be a carrier for the disease is this true?

 When you have an STD you have a treatment but no improvement,why is it like that is it just another ointment?

 Can you get HIV from using a 1 dollar bill to snort cocaine?
A girlfriend of mine was about to do a line and I pulled a 1 dollar bill and she refused to use it saying you can get HIV because the bill is circulated so much. She used a cut straw. Is this ...

Where can you find list for people who has or had std's.?

wow a list? that would a freakin long a** roll of paper that list does not exist lol!!! although maybe there is one for AIDS.

That is right. CDC possibly has the statistics, but the only way of getting names is asking permission and looking in clinical histories. If you want to know about the past of someone in particular, ask to the very person.

just m
you can not find a list anywhere. this is personal information between the pa tint and the doctor.

That's in violation of the Hippa Law. You won't be able to find out that kind of information. Only numbers, not names.

if infected. the .cdc. will have them as well health departments as well.

you cant get lists for things like that ,its called confidentiality

There is no list of people with STDs. Only medical professionals can share information and patients. Privacy policies do not allow anyone to share medical history with anyone outside of the medical field. Your doc will only share that info with another doctor if needed, otherwise no one will know. The only way for you to find out if you have been with someone with an STD is to ask them and hope they are telling you the truth. Maybe it would make life easier if there was a list but how would you feel if you had an STD and your name was on that list for the whole world to see? That is a major invasion of privacy!

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