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 If neither you nor your partner have an STD can you still get one?

 Is It True About STDs?!?
ok so I have a quick question...I don't know much about STDs and I'm not sleeping around...this is about my BF... he says supposedly he may have something... but hasn't been doing ...

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 Is there a cure for HIV?
I reckon that there is a cure for HIV, it cannot be released on the market simply it'll be too expensive to afford one!! Remember that guy abut 6 mths who had aids, but cured himself. There must ...

 Can smoking marijuana cause a false positive hiv test???
A friend of mine told me today that he got a HIV test result back positive and asked me if smoking weed could generate a false positive as he has no symptoms and has always been healthy I have not ...

 If AIDS can be transmitted through oral s*x?
then why most couples do not use condoms during oral sx?

(stupid yahoo censorship deleted the same Q a minute ago, so i thought maybe the word S E X is not allowed!!)
Additional D...

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I heard there is a cure for aids. I also heard that a man named Dr. Kazikstein discovered it on January 6, 2008!!
BUT, the government threatened to put him in jail if he released it.
Is ...

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I was for a long time but i finally got tested and thankfully it was negative has anyone else felt this way....where they felt they rather not know?...

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 What is "bareback"?

Additional Details
Hey I'm no simpleton. I'm old never heard of these new slang terms....

 Do you accept or agree that most men infected with HIV were inmoral?

 I have to go to the doctor tomorrow to get a pap and scared i might have a std would they have to tell my mom?
would they be able to tell i have a std from a pap and how wouldthey tell me if i ...

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 The real cure!!!!!!!!?
does any one now's the real cure for herpes out there....

 Can a guy with herpes have healhty children??
a guy with herpes and a girl with no std, can they have healthy children? what are the chances???...

michael s
Where can i find fake std test results?

Are you that desperate? Why would anyone in their right mind want to fake having an STD?

nothing special
www.fakestdtestresult.com........best of luck.............Bye

bharat b
Why fake when you can get the genuine ones?

Let me tell you a story that`ll help:

There was this school boy who goes to the brothel and asks for a women who has the clap.Well, nobody volunteered, who would? Since he was offering a greater amount, one woman took him on, but on condition of knowing why he so wanted.

Says he, I want the clap, so I can pass it to my servant maid. she`ll give it to my dad, he`ll give it to mother, who`ll pass it on to
the milkman and he`ll give it to the teacher and she`ll give it to the Principal, and THATS THE GUY I WANT I WANT TO PUNISH.

Got it?

Are you out of your mind ??????


R u trying to get somebody in bed by making them think you're clean of STD's? R u nuts???? That is committing a crime and if that's what u have planned I hope u go to jail.

At the fake STD store lol why on earth would someone want fake STD results?

I so hope this is a joke.

You can't find fake std results.

And just so you know - certain stds can cause permanent damage when left untreated, so if you have a shred of decency, you won't lie about this. Talk to your local health dept. There are people there who do anonymous partner notification if you can't find the balls to do it yourself.

Why? are you going to get fake std results so you can get your girlfriend to admit to cheating by calling her bluff? thats stupid

may i ask why??

Check Bill Clinton's medical reports

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