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When you're pregnant do you automatically take an HIV test?

No, you have to request it in most cases. Some doctors will routinely do them, but that have to be OKed by you first.

In Canada women who are pregnant are tested for HIV. The thought process is that mother to child transmission risk can be reduced.

Mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) is when an HIV positive woman passes the virus to her baby. This can occur during pregnancy, labour and delivery, or breastfeeding. Without treatment, around 15-30% of babies born to HIV positive women will become infected with HIV during pregnancy and delivery. A further 5-20% will become infected through breastfeeding.

C section, medication and alternatives to breast feeding can drop that rate to less than 2% risk of transmission. Most women support being tested once they are informed of the benefits.

Georgia Girl
Yes, I was automatically tested - you may want to ask your Dr.'s office because it could be left up to each individual office.

Yes they will...its the law where I live that pregnant women get tested. Its just to protect the little ones.

kelly f
when your pregnant they test you for everything

Trisha R
They ask you if you want to... I did it both times.... just to be on the safe side. But they both turned out negative. They do take blood though to check your thyroid levels and to check your homones

Cameka T
most likely u won't

Not automatically but you will undergo blood test eventually throughout your pregnancy. Do you suspect you might have HIV???, if so, then yes, I would certainly get some blood work done immediately, it could save your babies life.
Good Luck

mommy of 3
when i was pregnant my doctor ordered an hiv test when he ordered all the other blood test they order if you dont want the test you can ask him not to order it

hecla 1
yes....it has become the policy of most OB Dr to include that in the prenatal profile blood work

If you refuse, the Dr has the right not to treat you...you would have to find another Dr and he would want to run the test also

Mommy Of A Baby gurl on 8-8-8
You will get tested for every thing

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