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Please, real answers - it is a serious question....

What possible stds could it be if it hurts when you pee?

Maybe it's not an STD. Could be a bladder infection. When i get a bladder infection it hurts when i pee. Do you have a smelly discharge? If so could be an STD. Go see a doctor but until you can get in to the doctors office try drinking ALOT of water and lay off the caffeine. Cranberry juice helps also if it is a bladder infection.

It might not be a STD urinary tract infections can cause a burning sensation when you urinate you need to go get checked out to R/o any serious disease STD can cause infertility and scaring

treatment nurse
this one side affect of two types of STD are gonorrhea and syphilis

If it REALLY hurts when you pee, I would be thinking it was a urinary tract infection.

Most of them cause painful urination. You should get tested. Pl. read more- http://www.doctorgoodskin.com/ds/stds/

bladder or kidney infections

could also be a yeast infection. Check your symptoms on www.webmd.com to get more info untill you see a doctor.

more than likely its a bladder infection..you will need to go to the DR. to get meds for it. I have bladder problems myself and I can tell you that they are about the worst thing you can have.

Well, I think you may need to read this:


good luck with that....

A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) -- commonly known as a bladder infection -- is caused by bacteria that attach to the inside lining tissue of the urinary system or tract.

The urinary tract includes:

Kidneys - which form the urine from liquid waste in the blood

Ureters - tubes that carry it from the kidneys to the bladder

Bladder - which stores it

Urethra - where it exits the body

The urinary system reacts to an infection similarly to how our respiratory system reacts to a cold. The tissues in the tract become inflamed, irritated, and swollen causing pain and partial obstruction to urine flow, similar to how our bodies react during a lung infection or sinus infection.

The key to treating a UTI is the removal of the bacteria from the urinary tract. UTI Slip D-Mannose is safe, effective, affordable and fast... and best of all, it's guaranteed!

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