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 Are there any symptoms for gonorrhea?

 Is the human race nothing more than a virus?

Additional Details
we destroy all in are ...

 What is Gonorrhoea and how do you know you have it ?
What sort of symtoms do you get
Additional Details
I dont have it ! Im just curious as all the adverts for it on the TV at the mo ....

 What std's have smptoms of sores in the mouth?

 Are women more imune to pain than men???

 Why is it that alot of people in africa have aids or Hiv do they make protection there or no?

 â€śCan you catch diseases from a toilet seat?

 STD's // Infections ?
If nothing burns...
smells bad... looks bad...
i shouldnt worry right?
Additional Details
i just have ALOT of discharge and i'm worried... i could be pregnant though.....

 Should they allow mandatory HIV tests in school?
Ok. So in my biology of HIV aids class we are having a debate pertaining to mandatory hiv tests in universities, I'm against mandatory tests but Im just wondering if anyone can throw out some ...

 Is it possible for two people who have only been with each other get and STI?
I know that you can't just develope an STD unless you've been with someone whos been with a lot of other someones..but can an STI just develope?
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In reply to R...

 Is hiv a crime if you know?
If someone has HIV, and they know they do, and then willingly sleep with someone, and that person gets HIV, can that first person go to jail?...

 Any answers !!?
I met a guy on holiday in 2004 we used protection but the condom split, He could see that I looked worried and said dont worry I havnt got any diseases. When I got home I went to the clinic and they ...

 When you ingest blood, even just a drop of it, is that enough for you to contracr HIV or AIDS?

 Do doctors test you for herpes when you are pregnant?

 I am so confused please help!herpes ???
ok I got a really bad cold sore and my doc told me that is was herpes simplex virus 1 , i got it on the outside of my mouth. But i am confused. I have ALLWAYS throughout my entire life gotten cold ...

 How does an std start??
if the way you get them is from someone who has it??? has does a person first get one

 Does it mean my bf has cheated as i have chlamidia and didnt have it when i was tested a few months earlyer?
i was tested for chlamidia 7 months ago when i was with my current partner and it was negative then i got tested again and it was positive we have been together the whole time, does this mean he has ...

 Where did the first STDs start?
Obviously to get an STD, you've gotta get it from someone or somewhere else. I've always heard that the only way to get them is to get it from someone else, so then where did the first STDs ...

 I got fingered by someone i didnt know, now my whole downstairs is itchy, could i have an std??

 What are d symptons of HPV in men?

What is the No.1 AIDS capital in the United States?
What city has the most AIDS cases in the United States?

Well, I am not going to any of the cities that are mentioned....lol... I would think S.F too...

Carlos Mancia said san fransico was gayest

please help this person
Aid's capital in US
Washington DC
there are a lot of Aids in that hamlet!!!!!!!

everyone's going with san fran ..why san fran ?

I would say San Francisco.

Yes & No
HIV transmission has lessened in the gay community due to education. Since intravenous drug use (sharing needles) is now the biggest cause for transmission, I pick N.Y.


i would guess s.f.

Kimberly T
San fran. calf.


Try the link below to find an answer via the center for disease control...

yes it is

Probably San Francisco but thats a guess

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